Those protesting against the APEC summit are anti-globalization hypocrites

Those protesting against the APEC summit are anti-globalization hypocrites


Beijing APEC Summit (2014)
Budget: $7 billion
Shut down: factories, schools, parks, government offices, private businesses, public hospitals (half day)

Inconvenience: residents told to go out of town, limited vehicles on the road, busy traffic routes cleared, main roads closed, public buses rerouted, no wedding and marriage registry appointments, crematorium visits restricted, construction work halted, gas for house heaters stopped, Halloween costumes not allowed, lighting candles and incense and burning ceremonial papers prohibited, firecrackers banned

Vacation: six-day holiday for government workers and students


Budget: $212 million
Shut down: schools, government offices, private businesses
Inconvenience: main roads blocked, public bus routes closed, traffic rerouted, vehicles on the road limited
Vacation: Four-day suspension for government workers and students and two-day off for workers in the private sector

The 2014 APEC summit in Beijing must have been really important to China because it spent that much money and implemented such drastic measures that cleared the roads, emptied the city, and affected the sociocultural life in the Chinese capital. The second biggest economy in the world tried its best to lure international traders and foreign investors, present its best to the political and economic leaders, movers, and shakers in the Asia-Pacific region, expose what its society and culture could best offer, and market the best skills, talents, and potentials of its people. Hosting APEC was very important to the Chinese.

APEC 2014 China
China used its hosting of the 2014 APEC summit to show its best foot forward (Credits: Reuters/www.VOANews,com)

Now, let us check these argumentative Filipinos: noisy leftist ideologues, obnoxious communist blabbermouths, and Marxist political troublemakers. They just hate anything about APEC, capitalism, and globalization. Check the shoes they wear–they are not local brands. Check their clothes–they do not have local tags. Check the books they read–they are not locally published. Check their gadgets–they are not the technologies of local electronic companies. They are a bunch of anti-globalization hypocrites. I do not really wonder. Their leader, Jose Maria Sison, lives in Netherlands, a country with a high level of economic freedom.

It seems those good-for-nothing anti-APEC activists still do not get how the Chinese understood and valued APEC in 2014. Let me say this again: the APEC summit is an annual trade, financial, investment, economic, and political event where leaders of Asian and Pacific economies and countries meet to forge trade agreements, talk about financial matters, discuss foreign investments, assert political influences, and pledge economic promises. Is that too tough to grasp? Or are they playing dumb because they have some malicious motive that aims for the failure of the 2015 APEC summit in Manila?

Why do some Filipinos like those protesters and rallyists want to undermine the APEC membership and the APEC summit hosting of the Philippines? Do they not want the Philippines to pursue what the Chinese did in 2014? Are they that pro-Chinese that they do not want the Philippines to establish strong political and economic alliances in the 2015 APEC summit? Are they bothered by what President Barack Obama is bringing to the table–Chinese incursion into the West Philippine Sea? Do they want the Philippines to be weaker even though it is already weak in the international arena of economics and politics?

Are those riotous Filipinos in red national traitors?

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