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geraldine roman transgender

Geraldine Roman’s win is a victory for the Philippine transgender community

YES, I AM HAPPY FOR GERALDINE ROMAN It is not just because we have the same gender identity experience. She is smart, sophisticated, and respectable. I hope her image of intellect, sophistication, and respectability will open the minds of Filipinos. Many Filipino transgenders are writers,

donald trump vs hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton will beat Bernie Sanders then Donald Trump for the US presidency

Just like the Philippines, the United States is also having its presidential this year. The two major parties, the ruling Democratic Party and the Republican Party, are still in the process of choosing their respective standard-bearers through primaries and caucuses held across the country. While

rodrigo duterte mathematics

Duterte wants business math taught in schools instead of algebra, calculus, trigonometry

Davao City Mayor and 2016 presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte recently proposed that algebra, calculus, and trigonometry must be replaced in the education curriculum with business math. I perfectly understand the practical intent of Mayor Duterte, but I am not sure if he has clearly stated

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