As part of its preparations for the national and local elections this Monday, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) will begin implementing a 48-hour liquor ban beginning this May 8, Saturday. This is stipulated in the poll body’s Resolution 10095, which was promulgated last April.

Quoting the Omnibus Election Code, the poll body reiterated that the ban prohibits any person, including owners and managers of hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other establishments from selling, furnishing, offering, buying, serving, or taking intoxicating liquor anywhere in the Philippines. Those who will get caught of violating this can be imprisoned from one to six years. They may also lose their right to vote and get elected.

comelec liquor ban 2016 elections
COMELEC will be implementing a nationwide liquor ban for May 8 and 9 (Photo credits:

Establishments that primarily cater to foreigners like hotels and bars may be exempted from the liquor ban provided that they are able to secure an exemption from the regional election director of the National Capital Region (NCR), in cases of hotels and other establishments located within Metro Manila; the provincial election supervisors for establishments located in the municipalities within their respective provinces; and city election officers for those located within their respective cities/districts.

The liquor ban will be implemented by officers of the Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation, as well as the Regional Election Directors, Provincial Election Supervisors, Election Officers and the COMELEC Election Law Enforcement Team, if any, which will be assigned by the poll body in specific areas.

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