Taragis Takoyaki lands in hot water after botched April Fools Day prank

Taragis Takoyaki lands in hot water after botched April Fools Day prank

Taragis, a Pampanga-based takoyaki store chain, has found itself facing possible legal action after a botched April Fools Day publicity stunt.

The takoyaki store chain announced a contest earlier today where it said that the first person who can send a picture of them with the store chain’s logo tattooed on their forehead will get a prize of P100,000.

A few hours later, Taragis Takoyaki clarified that the announcement was just an April Fools Day prank after it claimed to receive messages saying that an unidentified man actually had the takoyaki store’s logo tattooed on his forehead for the sake of the prize.

“Let this serve as a reminder to us all how important reading comprehension is. It’s April Fool’s Day. Never trust anything or anyone. The same as any other day,” the store explained, adding that “it is not accountable for the events that occurred.”

Despite the company’s attempt at trying to defuse the matter, netizens pointed out that the “April Fools Day” label can only be found near the bottom of their original announcement and that many people may not be aware of what the April Fools Day tradition is all about.

If it is true that someone had himself tattooed with Taragis Takoyaki’s logo in the mistaken belief that he will get a cash prize, then the company may be held liable for violating Article 110 of Republic Act 7394 or the Consumer Act which penalizes false, deceptive, or misleading advertisement.

“It shall be unlawful for any person to disseminate or to cause the dissemination of any false, deceptive or misleading advertisement by Philippine mail or in commerce by print, radio, television, outdoor advertisement or other medium for the purpose of inducing or which is likely to induce directly or indirectly the purchase of consumer products or services,” according to the provision.

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