Why Mocha Uson deserves to be criticized

Why Mocha Uson deserves to be criticized

(With over three million Facebook fans and close to 100,000 Twitter followers, entertainer Mocha Uson is undeniably a social media superstar. She is also one of the biggest online cheerleaders of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte during the campaign period, together with the online fictional character Senyora Santibanez. In fact, she performed during Duterte’s miting de avance at the Luneta Park last May 9.TFS)

Many people are mad at her because of her pretentious display of intellectual competence as though she really knows something. I also question her intellect that can only produce inane tirades and illogical diatribes made confident by her stupid belief about herself, but I am more interested in her unwitting participation in Duterte’s campaign that was politically effective. She used her half-clad body, gluthathioned skin, and sex appeal to attract voters and corral them so they would not go astray and move to another camp.

That is social herding. ISIS has been using the bodies of Yazidi and other non-Muslim women they kidnap to recruit their radical members and to make them stay in their fundamentalist struggle in Syria and Iraq. The Imperial Japanese Army institutionalized the sexual exploitation of “comfort women” to boost the morale of its soldiers and keep them determined in their imperialist mission because sex was one of the rewards during the Second World War. World history is replete with cases of sex-fueled raids and conflicts.

mocha uson rodrigo duterte
Entertainer Mocha Uson is one of the biggest cheerleaders of Duterte on social media during the campaign season (Photo taken from Mocha Uson’s Facebook page)

Years ago, ST (sex trip) films became a trend in Filipino filmmaking, and Seiko Films dominated the ticket sales. It continued making ST films and hiring sexy film stars to maintain the moviegoers’ patronage and to keep them away from their rivals, Regal Films or Viva Films. That is social herding too. Last election, Mocha Uson was a political herder on social media who used her sexy body to condition minds. She was the “Osang” who kept the testosterone levels of Duterte’s macho supporters high and their minds closed and focused.

Mocha Uson also deserves to be criticized based on the following points:

1) She is an agent of idiocy that creates Filipino idiots. A country mostly populated by idiotic citizens will never progress and prosper.
2) She is priming the minds of stupid Filipinos for seditious feelings and insurgent thoughts perhaps without even knowing. The likes of Adolf Hitler have Mocha Usons as their myth makers and evil propagandists.
3) She has a potent power to influence–sex. Yeah, sex sells especially among those fools who use their other heads.
4) She herds her dumb followers who want her or who want to be like her using her body not mind. Porn in mass media has been used for escapism to stifle criticism and silence discontent.
5) She is the epitome of anti-intellectualism. Intellectual reform and mental development must be a public policy in education or media if Filipinos want a progressive Philippines.

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Miyako Izabel

Miyako Izabel is a Filipino transsexual blogger and agent provocateur on Facebook who believes that the Philippines needs more public intellectuals.

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