I’m heartbroken to hear about the death yesterday of Miss Lilia Cuntapay due to health complications at age 81. She is best remembered for her ‘aswang’ and ‘white lady’ roles in popular horror movies like Shake, Rattle, and Roll series among others. Her frequent appearances in such roles earned her the moniker “Horror Queen of Philippine cinema.”

What makes me even sadder is the circumstances leading to her death. Ms Lilia is a woman who spent nearly three decades as an actress and yet, she died unable to really deal with her condition because of poor finances.

lilia cuntapay death
Veteran horror actress Lilia Cuntapay died last August 21. She was 80. (Credits: ABS-CBNNews.com)

Can you imagine how many Filipino senior citizens are in a similar situation? Retired people who somehow still feel compelled to work despite their age because they weren’t able to save enough for their later life.

In an ideal world, no one who worked hard during his/her years in the work force should live his/her sunset years in abject poverty.

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