As the highlight of its 15th anniversary celebration, the University of the Philippines Sirkulo ng Kabataang Artista (UP SIKAT) presents “Warla,” a play that promises to “pose new questions in the context of today’s current political events, as much as it revisits many lessons of the past.”

The group explained in a press release what their play is all about: “War is coming—in the form of a chess game. While the white pieces count their losses and the black pieces prepare to mount another attack, hidden from their sight is an impending invasion. A power-hungry empire of serpents is about to strike. This plot twist suddenly proves to be a game changer for both white and black pieces to start relying on their own instincts rather than their collective rules. Little do they know that the law of their land still reigns supreme.”

UP SIKAT explained that “Warla” would revolve with the idea that politics is merely a game, and that all have a part to play in it. “This game, albeit make-believe, is as real as it gets—especially when the political imaginary fuels realpolitik. After all, isn’t it all just a game? Whether it’s just a game or not, we must always play our part,” they continued.

UP SIKAT presents the play “Warla” this August

“Warla” will be top-billed by Jeff Agustin and Pats Alcantara.  Agustin will also be the play’s main writer and director. He will be backed-up by Lui Casibua as executive producer, Martin Vidanes as technical director and sound designer, Dibayn Leano as musical director, Allen Baylosis and Alecx Leyva as production managers, and Adrian Gabriel as set designer.

Established in 2002, UP SIKAT have staged a number of relevant performances and shows that highlight various local and national issues that are important not only to UP students but also to the Filipino society in general. It is founded on three principles: people (tao), theater (teatro), and change (pagbabago).

The one-night only production is scheduled for 7:00 PM of August 25 2017 at the UP Bahay ng Alumni. For inquiries or ticket reservations, interested parties may contact CE at 0908-9587688 or message the group at

Ticket prices:

PhP 120 (UP Student Rate)
PhP 150 (Student Rate)
PhP 200 (Standard Seats)
PhP 350 (Premium Seats)
PhP 500 (Grand Balcony Seats)
PhP 40 (S.R.O. – Open for all)



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