FRESH GRADUATES – How to make it to the real world?

FRESH GRADUATES – How to make it to the real world?

The transition from being an ordinary university student to a full-time working adult can seem frightening, and that’s the reality. You’ll have to close a chapter in your life and start another. That’s how it will go as soon as you throw your graduation cap in midair and sing your school hymn for the last time.

Even before you do, here’s a list of special, practical tips that you can make use of as you begin your journey into the real world.

  1. Do what makes you happy

First and foremost, before you even think of browsing tons of job sites, clicking on hiring posts, or even preparing your resume for an internship – make sure to follow a path that would make you happy. This isn’t being impractical, wishful, or whatever other people may call it, but this is about what would define your future.

As they say, you should make sure to choose a job that would never make you feel like working. Hence, before you even set one foot into the real world, bear in mind to follow what you love to do best. After all, those who work most and commit most on their passion makes it better in the real world.

  1. Do not hesitate on trying something new

If you’re the type of person who’s basically having a hard time figuring out whether you should be working on the degree that you have finished, or your passion, then be willing to try something different.

Often times, this is the best way to get to your true calling. More so, not only will you be able to experience something new, but also, you’ll be able to add yet another skill for you to nourish, and use as an opportunity to build a wider network.

  1. Use connections

Whether it’s a senior, a batchmate, or a professor, it won’t hurt to make use of your connections in college. And we’re not talking about the palakasan system here. Instead, this is about make use of the nuggets of advice that you may hear from them as regards to the careers that they have established, or that they are familiar with. Most times, these things can help you weigh your choices as you search for a career.

  1. Make use of your assets

Once you have determined for sure the field that you want to work in, make sure to use and maximize your professional assets. It can be the very degree you earned, the skills you have, as well as related experience (for example, you can cite a school project that you have worked on).

In writing your resume, make sure to write the details well. Remember these three words as you write your resume to ensure a good impression to the hiring person:


Furthermore, it’s would already be helpful to work on your resume even as early as when you’re applying for an internship. This is because oftentimes, your internship experience is your greatest and perhaps only ace when your job-hunting begins.

  1. Get a quality internship

It’s important to land a good internship, as this will be very beneficial as you begin your career later on. Not only will this help you in getting a real-life experience of the work that you intend to do, but also, it opens vast opportunities for possible job offers that you can consider when you enter the real world.

Moreover, once you have landed an internship in a good company, make sure to do your best. As most of the time, the company offers opportunities to those interns who perform well. Or even if not, another company will offer you a good deal even before you graduate.

Key Takeaway

Making it to the real world requires determination, sweat, and most of all, hard work. Because as they say, “Nothing worth having comes easy.”


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