Four popular wines during cold climates

Four popular wines during cold climates

The cold weather not only means that the Christmas season is coming closer. It also means that it’s the time for some drinks that would warm up your body. And one drink that certainly warms up a lot of people during this season are wines and spirits. These drinks have become a staple during the cold holiday seasons, as they not only taste great, but they also match a great number of food really well.

While most people would assume that wine making only happens in the warmer regions in the world, some countries in the coldest regions of the world have their own vineyards too.  With this in mind, here are some of the best cold climate wines and spirits across the world.

Inniskillin Wine from Canada

This popular Canadian drink is a type of ice wine. It is made from frozen grapes that are still attached to their vines. The area in which the wine is made is very well-known for its ice wines, where the Vidal grapes are grown in the very fertile soil, and then frozen to temperatures around -10 to -12°C. The wine is known for its fruity flavor, with a wonderful combination or mango, apricot, lemon candy, and peaches that give it that intense flavor.

Nelles Spatburgunder from Germany

Germany is a country that is known for its strong beer rather than its wines and spirits, but the Nelles family in the Ahr region are known for making some of the best red wine in the region. Making wines since 1479, they have definitely mastered their craft by creating Pinot Noir wines with savory and earthy flavors. This is a great match for all of the holiday meat that you would be eating during dinner.

Lerkekasa Vineyard Solaris from Norway

One of the northernmost countries in the world, Norway is well-known for their cold weather, which is the perfect climate to create cold weather wines and spirits. The world’s northernmost vineyard is known for creating wine that has an off-dry fruity taste, which has traces of bananas and hazelnuts. You can also explore the area in which the vineyard is located, which is an ideal holiday vacation idea as they have some nice accommodation services.

Kim Crawford Pinot Noir from New Zealand

From the northernmost vineyard in the world, down to the southernmost vineyard in New Zealand. The region is known for its very cold winters, which makes getting a glass of wine much more ideal. The Kim Crawford Pinot Noir offers a floral and spicy flavor, that would be a perfect drink while eating a warm meal. The Otago region, in which the wines are produced, is also famous for being the location in which the popular Lord of the Rings films are shot.

Key Takeaway

Wines and spirits are certainly drinks that would keep you warm during the cold weather, and these drinks made in some of the most extreme regions in the world would really be a joy to drink. The next time you stay-in during a very cold day, make sure you have a delicious glass of wine with you.

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  1. I love the Gnarly Head wine. I’ve tried both the Pinot Grigio and the Zinfandel and loved them both. I was surprised as to how tasty they were considering they were so inexpensive. I thought the Pinot Grigio was really light and crisp and it went perfectly with the pasta and ham dish I made!

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