Denden Lazaro is correct in protecting her personal space

Denden Lazaro is correct in protecting her personal space

A 15-second video of volleyball star Denden Lazaro refusing to have a male fan put his arms on her while their photo is being taken has gone viral on social media last weekend.

On one hand, there are those who are criticizing Lazaro for being a “snob” and for having an attitude problem. And on the other, there are those who point out that she is merely protecting her personal space.

As many readers of The Filipino Scribe knows, this writer has encountered a lot of public figures including celebrities, athletes, and politicians over the years. And yes, having pictures with them is one of the perks of being a blogger frequently invited to all sorts of events.

denden lazaro viral video
Denden Lazaro must not be bashed for protecting her personal space from an overeager fan. (Photo taken from Denden Lazaro’s Facebook fan page)

Here’s our take on the matter:

1) Celebrities normally accommodate picture-requests from fans as much as possible especially if it was done nicely (remember, they have no obligation to say yes!).

2) Now, just like any other person, celebrities do say no to picture-requests from time to time. It could be because they’re rushing to the next event, not feeling well, not in a good mood, they’re eating, etc. Their fans needs to respect that.

3) Lastly, celebrities do value their personal space as well. They may be public figures but that doesn’t mean that every inch of them is private property. As a proper etiquette, it would be better for fans not to initiate any physical contact with them (e.g. putting your arms around them, hugging them, etc.).

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