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A short history of the electric fan

Ever since electricity became a regular feature in homes across the world, the development of home appliances also followed suit. These appliances help make household chores much more efficient to do. These home appliances include the washing machine, kitchen stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, television, and the microwave.

Four popular wines during cold climates

The cold weather not only means that the Christmas season is coming closer. It also means that it’s the time for some drinks that would warm up your body. And one drink that certainly warms up a lot of people during this season are wines and

short history of wine

The origin and history of wine

Wine is one of the most popular liquors. Whether it’s in the Philippines, United States, etc. You name it, that country certainly loves it. But do you know the history of the beloved drink? Although it is hard to come up with a definitive history

4 Steps to Improve English Communication Skills

Four steps to improve your English communication skills

Call centers in the Philippines require a high level of professional English communication skills. Truth be told, it is hard to communicate fluently in the English language especially when it’s not your native tongue. However, you have to remind yourself time and time again that “Success

living in south Metro Manila

Six luxuries of living in southern Metro Manila

Metro Manila has seventeen different cities that offer you many different sights, sounds, and tastes. In terms of hustle and bustle, people consider the northern part of Metro Manila to be the busiest. While living in a New Manila townhouse is not really bad at

benefits of joining group studies

Three big benefits of joining a group study

To gain extra edge in their studies, kids always need to extend their efforts in maximizing their potential of doing great in school. This can include joining a group study because it is beneficial in helping students develop effective study habits and in improving their learning

001_Most Iconic Celebrity Weddings of all Time

Most iconic celebrity weddings of all time

Weddings are important and memorable events in which two loving people finally become married. Organizing and preparing for a wedding takes a good amount of time and preparation, as things like the wedding and venue and wedding catering have to be prepared well in order

tips in buying your first condo

Buying your first condominium? Here are five tips

After many years of working and saving, you might already be considering making your few big purchases, and one of them perhaps is buying your first condominium unit. There are many things to take into account before doing so, like the unit’s location, size, and

filipino food and wine pairings

Top five Filipino food and wine pairings that you must try

The Philippines is known for its delicious and popular cuisine. In fact, many people around the globe visit the country just to try it for themselves. Other than the delicious cuisine, locally-developed liquor in the Philippines like lambanog and tuba are also must-trys. The best kind of