To Mayor Duterte – Why are you associating yourself with Filipino communists?

To Mayor Duterte – Why are you associating yourself with Filipino communists?


Sometimes I ask myself If I am still supporting or defending you. Because I still believe in you, I try to refine your ideas and make them acceptable to the majority of Filipinos. You have the best ideas, but you contentiously articulate them as though you want to sound tough, different, and non-traditional. You become divisive because you prefer radical ideas that are not politically palatable to most Filipinos. If that is the main influence of your leftist advisers, you need to listen to your non-leftist political confidantes too. You must campaign to win not lose.

I want you to win, but how can you do that if you espouse ideas that turn voters off? Every time you positively invoke the name of Jose Maria Sison of the Communist Party of the Philippines, you desecrate the graves of the slain Filipino soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country, insult their families, alienate other victims of the communist rebels, and support the latter’s extortionist activities and murderous excesses. Your pro-Left stances will not give you enough votes. Filipino leftists could not even elect Satur Ocampo or Teddy Casiño to the Senate.

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Duterte is very vocal about aligning himself with the Philippine left (Credits: Philippine Daily Inquirer)

Perhaps you do not know that you have leftist supporters who proudly clap and believe their cherished national democratic revolution is possible if you will win because you have mentioned several times that you would establish a revolutionary government. To be honest about it, I would rather see a government run by pro-capitalist oligarchs than by pro-communist anti-oligarchs. The former build and can be reasonable, while the latter ruin and can be stubborn. Political nihilism is ugly and does not attract votes. It drives away even some of your supporters.

Besides, no Philippine president will succeed without the support of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Why are you supporting and cozying up to the enemies of the soldiers? That does not make sense politically. Also, China is a threat to the Philippines, and invoking the Left as your political ally will not help your campaign. China was once the political patron of the old Filipino communists. It armed them before. Most Filipinos know and can remember that , and they are registered voters. If you will not quit praising the Left, you will lose votes. You do not need it.

Why are you associating yourself to the Filipino communists? It is not a good electoral campaign tactic. It is divisive and self-destructive. The majority of Filipinos hate and do not trust the CPP-NPA-NDF. They abhor revolutionary tax and counter-revolutionary killing. I think the most potent issue that can be used to attack you is your being pro-Left. There is still time to sever ties with the communists. It is enough that you espouse federalism that can give them a small state political system in which they can confidently participate and politically prosper.

I believe in your leadership, and that is the reason why I am writing this post. I can dream of federalism, anti-oligarchy policies, compassionate capitalism or social market economy, peace and order, social cohesion and equality, inclusive economic growth, open and democratic political institutions, economic and political reforms, and a better Philippines because of you. All of those will remain my dreams if you will not win. You need to attract votes not turn voters off. You have to include not exclude. You must avoid pushing away your thinking supporters.



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