Geraldine Roman’s win is a victory for the Philippine transgender community

Geraldine Roman’s win is a victory for the Philippine transgender community


It is not just because we have the same gender identity experience. She is smart, sophisticated, and respectable. I hope her image of intellect, sophistication, and respectability will open the minds of Filipinos.

Many Filipino transgenders are writers, scholars, doctors, lawyers, teachers, professors, engineers, scientists, etc. They deserve to be accepted, valued, and given space to prosper. I am a transgender, and I use my mind to think not the body parts that intrigue many people. Like you, I can love, I do cry, and I am not really that different from everyone else.

geraldine roman transgender
Congresswoman-elect Geraldine Roman is the country’s first transgender legislator

When you discriminate a transgender, you are actually giving someone a hard time to achieve her human potential. A transgender dropout could have been a doctor who could discover some cure if you did not bully her at school.

Someone could have been a lawyer who could defend your rights if you did not shame her because of her feminine looks and mannerisms. Another could have been a politician like Geraldine Roman who could speak in behalf of the marginalized and the alienated if only you did not torture her with taunts and insults in public.

I may sound wishful in this post, but it is not about self-importance but opportunity and possibility. Every time you use your computer, please know that an American transgender named Lynn Conway, who is a computer scientist, electrical engineer, and inventor, was a pioneer of computer science, engineering, and technology in the sixties. Her invention is still used today to improve the performance of modern computer processors. Yes, you are now enjoying the fruit of her labor. Having many Filipino transgenders like her is not really a bad idea.

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