“Where to download Ram Revilla-Janelle Manahan sex video?”

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50 Responses

  1. I already watched the video. The video’s a hoax. I don’t think it was Ram and Janelle. Probably some look-alikes that, thanks to post-prod editing, could make you it’s them. BTW, nice title. The boys will definitely read this hahaha.

    • markpere2010 says:

      Hey, Ivan. Beg to disagree with you on that. I think it’s them *and she did not deny it*. My instincts are right. Talk about search engine optimization. :-)

    • Anonymous says:

      i think you are grossly misinformed! even her lawyer confirmed that it was her and the late ramgen revilla.. what more proof do you need?!?

  2. We just need one conviction to send a strong message to the public. NBI, can you give us one conviction? =)

  3. johnirvin says:

    Techie Part : Deleted Files can be retrieved even in a Re-Formatted Hard Drive, a PW-Protected machine is easier to access than what I’d stated first.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do partners really need to video their sex activities? If nothing is recorded nothing to share or upload.

  5. Leyla says:

    Dear Admin, it’s urgent. Please get in touch with me via email as soon as possible – thanks!

  6. mokuro says:

    naman.. d ba halata?

  7. GLOBALJACIA says:

    respect naman natin ang mga victims nmatay n nga ang tao pinag fiestahan p ang video nila omg anung klaseng mammal mga ito

    • jajackol says:

      gagawin gawin nila yan ehh tapos ikakalat pa kahit cnung tao nmn mapapanuod yan sa daming malilibog d2 sa pinay hahaha

  8. Bill says:

    it may not be a very tall order at all with the right tools and the cooperation of concerned website owners/admins so that upload time logs and ip addresses can be scrutinized.

    it is also not difficult nowadays to crack open user and administrator passwords of computers running Windows operating systems; one only needs to search the net and in an instant be barraged with sbs tips.

  9. justi says:

    ang laswa ng video niu nkkhiya

  10. ryan says:

    ay naku c ate janelle kc sobrang nafeel ny a yan 2loi ginawahan cya ng scandal ny a hmp ang ganda pah naman nya hmpf!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Grabe… Just saw the video… Let’s just say that they were so intimate to do love making and we cannot blame that act because they were both in a very serious relationship. I was just wondering why do they have to video their intimate sexual intercourse??? Now that the guy is 6 feet underground and the girl is still recovering, who and how will they defend themselves???

  12. Anonymous says:

    simple lang yan dalhin ang laptop sa NBI sa computer forensic expert malalaman kung kailan inupload then i check ang date na yon kung nakanino ang laptop then bingo may sagot agad sila kung sasabihin na kinopy ang file makikita din ng mga forensic yon

    • enzo umali says:

      you watch to many CSI shows..wala pa sa ‘pinas makakagawa nun..and kung meron man, wala sa NBI. first off,puro macho fucks ang pinoy mindset, pag magaling ka sa tech,di ka macho. secondly, you think can afford ng law enforcement natin na mag hire ng ganung mga tao??think not.. A) again, you watch to many CSI shows for your own good b) you have to much faith in our police (kahit anu sabihin mo, police pa din yan. shoot now,ask later philo ng mga yan)..

  13. chrisair says:

    nakaya nga nilang planuhin at patayin eh, ikalat pa kaya, ngayun lang ako nakakita ng ganito sa Pinas, kapamilya mo papatayin mo

  14. Anonymous says:

    you watch to many csi shows..dpa kaya dito sa ‘pinas un..and kung kaya man dito yun,wala sa NBI ang makakagawa nun.. lam u nman mga pinoy,mga macho f***s kay pag magaling ka sa tech,geek ka..di ka macho…

  15. Anonymous says:

    walang mailalabas kung walang magrerecord amf ramgen na ramgen ung kumakayud sa likod ni janelle eh oh

  16. Dez says:

    I feel that Ramgen’s sibling did not intently uploaded the video. Ramgens Laptop may have been left open and that if he has a downloader engine program like limewire, utorrent, bitcomet, etc. and that if the file sharing option is enabled; it could be downloaded by others in the network. Like for example in Bitcomet. If the program is running you can either upload videos by seeding of videos or whatever, or just let your program running so that whatever files you opted to share whether documents, music or videos you are technically uploading it thru peers. There’s no wonder that some sex scandal are exposed because of this cyber technology.

    Better check your downloader option, you might be sharing your most secret files….

  17. KOBE BRYANT POGI says:

    bobo nyo. tignan nyo lang IP address ng pinaka-unang nag-upload at cross check kung kaninong IP address as registered sa internet, ctrl+F type in IP address. viola! tapos ang usapan. konting matinong research lang yan eh. di naman importante kung san inextract yung vid. importante sino nag-upload. too many CSI your face. ang mahirap kasi sa pinas walang kwenta ang education system eh. lahat nakakapagtapos ng college kahit wala namang K. yan tuloy, dami bobo sa mundo. di porke nag iingles ka, matalino ka nang hayup ka.

  18. a says:

    It can be done, ung nbi identification, pero it takes months, 1 person plang tnuruan cia ng fbi b4 as part of their outreach s 3rdworldcntries, dlhn lng un laptop, anyway, may face 3d imprint n nga tau n pwd from a sketch lng. Pero 1 tao plang s msmong hq ng nbi maygnun

  19. a says:

    @kobebryantpogi, dude tama ka, wrong grammar pa nga un e, kudos for the blogwriter, very objective and informative

  20. Anonymous says:

    @kobebryantpogi, dude tama ka, wrong grammar pa nga un e, kudos for the blogwriter, very objective and informative

  21. Awesome article! I can’t believe that their own broken mother in law doing this to her.

  22. jack says:

    putang ina mo kobe

  23. Anonymous says:

    sino may link sa pangalawang 6vid nila?

  24. alkab_AK says:

    dito po -ishare ko lang paki follow nlang ang link..wag lang po ninyo i-downlaod ty.

    *link deleted*

  25. British Bull says:

    He’s worlds smallest willie like all pinoys!!! bwahahaha

  26. Anonymous says:

    From roy22: To president noy2 pinoy huwag palikero gaya ni kris lalakero

  27. what is the update na ba?

  1. February 6, 2013

    […] similar activity through VCD/DVD, Internet, cellular phones, and other similar means or device.” As noted in a blog post last year, the law does not say anything about people who take videos of themselves (which seems to be the […]

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