Typhoon Agaton?

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2 Responses

  1. Evelyn Oliva Ibias says:

    The best way to do is to PREPARE for the worst. Everyone must assess the condition of their people and property. We have numerous experiences about how typhoon hits us and somehow, we have evaluated what was done before, during and after the disaster. This time, I am very sure we learned something out of our own experiences. This is not a matter thinking only of ourselves but also of others. Look what happened …. everybody were affected. Both local and international initiatives were very much visible, FELT and nobody wants to experience another Yolanda tragedy. But, we all know the effect of not being able to take good care of our environment. This is the effect of Global Warming. However, there is Prayer to keep us united in wishing, begging for this not to be so destructive. And if possible, through united prayers not to let this to happen. Act together in synergy!

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