globe bayantel merger
Globe Telecom's acquisition of Bayan Communication isn't going smoothly for many subscribers

Mr. Ernest L. Cu
President and Chief Executive Officer
Globe Telecoms

Dear Mr. Cu,

Good day. First of all, I’d like to congratulate Globe Telecoms for its recent acquisition of Bayan Communications (BayanTel). Our family has been a BayanTel subscriber for about 18 years now, and we are very much looking forward to Globe’s fulfillment of its promise that we will be able to have better service soon.

However, our family’s experience early this month under the new management has been very disappointing. Consider the following:

1) We are yet to receive our statement of account for the month of May. Despite that, our phone and Internet connection was suspended last June 3 because we failed to pay our bill on time. How is it our fault that we can’t pay the bill yet when we have no idea how much is due in the first place?

2) Under the previous management, we pay our monthly bill at the BayanTel Center in Ever Gotesco Commonwealth. Back then, we can finish everything in less than ten minutes, and that’s assuming there’s a queue. Now, that’s no longer the case. We need to go to the Globe Business Center at the UP Ayala Technohub to pay our bill (I know we can pay elsewhere, but it takes days before it can be reflected in the official records).

globe bayantel merger
Globe Telecom’s acquisition of Bayan Communication isn’t going smoothly for many subscribers

Just like last April, there’s only one or two personnel there to facilitate the payments as well as other customer concerns. The result? Customers have to wait for as much as two hours just to finish their business. That waste of time is so unacceptable.

3) As I mentioned above, our Internet access was disconnected for June 3 because of the late payment. As an online writer, every minute where I have no Internet access at home greatly affects my ability to work on my freelance projects.

I hope that Globe Telecoms will be a little more considerate when disconnecting accounts. And also, it makes no sense why customers have to wait for EIGHT HOURS minimum just to have their Internet access restored even after being able to settle their bills.

Before ending this letter, I’d like to say that despite receiving tempting offers from your chief competitor PLDT, our family is not yet convinced that switching telcos is necessary, especially since we’ve been with BayanTel for almost two decades now. Nevertheless, I am earnestly urging your company to take note of my suggestions for the benefit of your customers.

Yours truly,

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  1. We are in a computer shop business and it is very disappointing because in a month until now the connection is unstable we are paying 10mbps but when we check on speed test we only got 8mbps, aside from that we are experiencing days of no connection, they were checking on their system that we are connected but we really can’t connect. Also this affected our business because our costumer esp. gamers are keep on bad mouthing with the service (pu** lag) even when you use facebook we can’t even scroll down because its buffering. And sometimes there are dropping of speed we checked the speed 0.02 mbps.

  2. Grabe na talaga pag merge lang ng bayantel at globe 2 months kaming walang internet connection my network issue daw. Eh ayaw namn i grant ang request ko na technician pra macheck tlga kong anu ung network issue. Tapos nagsisinungaling pa sila na marerestore na daw ang connection. inabot ng 2 months hanggang ngayon wala pa rin. At hindi sila makabigay ng exact detail kong kaylan marerestore. Saan kaya pwede magreklamo about this.

  3. nkaka bwiset mga representative nila 1 hour nko dto nag aantay ng one hour tpos sasabhin sa inyu sorry sir/mam kung gnagi nmin kayo..mag pldt na lng ako

  4. since we are also a subscriber of Bayantel a decade now i’am also dissapointed to the new management which is globe , before the service is fast as i call in customer service but now its almost 1 week and there’s no one to come in our house to check the status and regarding to internet is so disgusting super slow but when it comes to billing they are fast to present our monthly bill

  5. Same here, we also got disconnected several times during the last half year because we never got our monthly bill from Globe. And then they charge whetaver PHP for re-connection… At our office we have a business line with static IP, now only working every two hours to 30min. Since two weeks nothing is happening. Globe has really the lousiest service on the planet.

  6. lalo lng nasira yun bayantel since nag merge sa globe wala kwenta customer service nila, tapos isang buwan na kaming walang dia tone tapos yun internet namin paputolputol. sayang lang binabayad namin tsk tsk sana malugi nalang ng tuluyan yan.

  7. I thought kami lang ang may problema, madami pala ang nakaka experience the same sakit ng ulo ng merging ng Globe at Bayan, 1 month kaming walang net, just imagine kung gaano kabagal ang service nila. It takes almost a month bago nagpunta ang gagawa. Then nung nagawa naman unstable ang connection, up to now ganun pa din, pag tatawag naman kami sa customer care they will tell na pupuntahan na lang.

  8. Ganun din nangyari sa amin mag isang buwan ng walang dial tone pag tumawag ka sa costumer service mag antay ka pa ng matagal super sayang lang ang binayad ko sa kanila nakaka imbyerna na hindi na maganda ang serbisyo,talagang nagmumura ako, putang *** na yan, maayos akong nagbabayad.

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