My guesting on PTV 4’s show “Iskoolmates” re prank videos

My guesting on PTV 4’s show “Iskoolmates” re prank videos

I am proud to share my latest media appearance courtesy of the newest episode of PTV 4’s multi-awarded youth-oriented show “Iskoolmates.” I was asked to talk about the rise of prank content on social media.

During the program, I explained that prank videos has always been popular with the public dating back to programs such as “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and locally, Joey de Leon’s “Wow Mali.” With the rise of social media platforms, this type of media content found a new avenue to thrive.

This is popular with audiences given how we love to see peope react to things – the more shocked people get, the better for so-called content creators! After all, getting more page views is really the name of the game for bloggers and vloggers alike.
Prank videos can be genuinely entertaining, but content creators have to be mindful of the possible impact on the mental and emotional health of people who willingly or unwillingly appear in such clips. They also have to be responsible in protecting their privacy. I’ll be posting more about this in a future post.
This is definitely one of the highlights of April 2024 for me! I am grateful to the hosts of “Iskoolmates,” Tricia Bersano and Lloyd Figueras, as well as the other men and women behind the show including Jayvee Mañucat.
PS: The views and opinions I expressed during this episode does not reflect the views and opinions of my employer and other organizations I am affiliated with.

I am frequently addressed as “Professor” during media appearances and though it makes me quite uncomfortable, I guess they’re doing it just out of courtesy and simplicity and to sort of build-up their guest’s credibility in the eyes of their audience.

But anyway, I’m just telling myself that I should indeed work toward being a full professor someday. LOL

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