Jay Sonza to Kris Aquino: A mere apology would have sufficed.

So far, this Facebook note written by Jay Sonza, a veteran broadcast journalist and 2010 vice presidential candidate, has been shared over 6,000 times. Titled “Iparating Ito Kay Kris Aquino” (Let Kris Aquino Know of This), it sums up what an irate public thinks about the news of the President spending an hour or two last Sunday night in the Presidential Security Group’s Christmas party, a fact revealed by the tweets of Valerie Concepcion.


Kris Aquino on Typhoon Sendong: "Life should go on. Hindi naman pwedeng huminto na lang ang buhay at magmukmok na lang tayo.”

“Ngayon, ‘yun namang party ay matagal nang naka-schedule ‘yon. Siyempre, may mga masasamang nangyayari at may malungkot but then, life should go on. Hindi naman pwedeng huminto na lang ang buhay at magmukmok na lang tayo.”


This is what Kris Aquino told the nation Monday morning on her television program.


Bakit, Kris? Bakit?


Jay Sonza to Kris Aquino: "When your mother died, every single Filipino stopped whatever he or she was doing at that time, and paid homage to her! "

When your mother died, every single Filipino stopped whatever he or she was doing at that time, and paid homage to her! 

Pang Pnoy, masama bang makipaglamay ka sa amin?

Millions of Filipinos stood in line to view her. Millions waited hours along Luneta, Roxas Boulevard, Quirino Avenue, South Superhighway, South Expressway and Sucat Road to pay their last respects,

Now, your brother is President and he cannot even spend a few minutes attending to relief and avacuation operations in Cagayan de Oro City, Iligan City, Negros Oriental, Compostela Valley and other affected areas?


Kris, daan-daang katao ang namatay Kris. Libo pa ang bilang ng mga nawawala. Ari-arian at tanging yaman ang nasalanta. Fathers and their kids, mothers and their babies, whole generations were wiped out. The entire Cagayan de Oro was almost transformed into a wasteland and you will tell us that ”life should go on…and it will not be good if our lives stop for a while and for us to mourn?”


We mourn for your father, Kris. We vowed to sacrifice our lives for your father get justice. Many of our colleagues were jailed, others are still missing to date.  


Our lives stopped when your father and mother died.


Don’t you ever tell us, us, the Filipino people that we will not mourn our fellow Filipinos, especially the Mindanaoans who died during this typhoon.


We are not like you, who do not care. 


We care for fellow Filipinos, poor ones, who became victims.


More than a thousand lost their lives because of the ingratitude and the ineptitude of their leaders!


Thousands more lost their futures because of the callousness of the leaders like your brother, Kris.


A mere apology would have sufficed. 

Read Mr. Sonza’s original post here.

Noynoy Aquino partying with Valerie Concepcion during Typhoon Sendong

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13 thoughts on “Jay Sonza to Kris Aquino: A mere apology would have sufficed.

  1. Yow Mr Sonza, d ako maka Aquino, d din ako against sa kanila,ganun din sau. pero angkitid nyo po pala magisip Sir. Tingin ko naman walang masama gustong iparating si Kris sa mga biktima ng bagyo, Gusto nya lang pagaanin ang nararamdaman nila, at atleast sya may ginawa para sa kanila. e kau po ba Sir may ginawa na. nandun din po ba kayo para tumulong sa kanila, kung nakatulong po kayo. e di maganda, kung hindi e di gawin nyo na. hindi ung pamumulitika kelangan ng mga biktima ngayon. Hindi nila kelangan ng mga statement nyo, ng pagpapapansin nyo. Gumawa na lang kayo. Kaya d kayo manalo eh.


  2. ganoon ba talaga mag salita ang mga AGILA.
    puna ng puna lagi na lang puna kaya tuloy ang bansa natin ay palaging pinupuna.
    kawawa ang mga filipino lalo na ang ofw na palaging naririnig ang mga puna ng ibang tao.

  3. You know… i agree with what Kris said “Life must go on…”
    What’s wrong with that? at least she’s moving forward, What about u Mr. Sonza, r u forever stuck in the past?
    I know someone who lost both of her parents (as a child) in a tragic accident but she’s not like you who dwells in the past, who mourns for the death of her love ones as if she’s not meant to live or exist anymore instead she stood on her own feet and continued her journey because nothing will happen if she will just mourn for the rest of her life.
    And i’m pretty sure u know what happened to the japanese, they encountered a very strong earthquake, a tsunami and many people died but instead of mourning and lamenting for their loss they just moved forward. They worked and helped each other out, some sacrificed their lives, others contribute by giving the victims a helping hand.
    You, Mr. Sonza, have you contributed something to your fellow Filipinos instead of mourning for their loss?

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