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11 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Face-to-face with Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo at VMMC”

  1. pinoyjourn says:

    Interesting, Mark! How were you able to?! Although I’m sure it would have been great if you had written this feature-style, including remembering much of the quotes and placed them up. Or it’s just me.

    Now I wonder what I could have asked her? I’m sure there were restrictions no?

    1. markpere2010 says:

      I agree, Kuya. However, it is difficult to get quotes. First, our encounter was just around 5 minutes, and second, since I technically didn’t go there for an interview, I can’t be seen taking notes super often.
      Actually, I have listed some questions for her but I didn’t get to ask most of them. 🙁

  2. Kathy Kenny Ngo says:

    What did she write on the note? Are you allowed to show it? How was she in person?

    1. markpere2010 says:

      Hi, Miss Kathy. I can show it, but it’s just a brief “Thank You” note with her signature in it. I think she’s doing better than two months ago.

  3. Morion says:

    Wow galing, exclusive to mark jejeje;) i am not against or in arroyo’s side pero sna pagaling na cya at harapin na cases nya… Para malinis pangalan nya or managot;)

    1. markpere2010 says:

      I agree. I’m sure Filipinos are already tired of these unresolved charges. Kailangang maresolba na ang mga ito talaga. 🙂

  4. Gil Camporazo - Tumandok says:

    From fiction to intention, your account is so clear. It vivid describes the things inside the VMMC from caddie to the real stuffs. You’re a very keen observer. You’ve the ears and eyes to hear and see within your reach. But due to ethical consideration, though the former PGMA had been allegedly charged of electoral sabotage and to be proven beyond reasonable doubt, you’ve given her due respect and kept delicate and sensitive matters within yourself. I like that kind of attitude. You’re a professional for that matter. Since she spent her 5-minute time with you just to give “thanks” for your visit and to be with herself by telling you frankly of her difficulty in swallowing foods. Of course, literally and physically she’s sick of the intrigues and issues hurled to her. She’s a human being. She deserves to be respected and treated like a human. She’s still in her sense. She maintains her composure. Congratz! You did what a professional media should be. This is on how I analyze your first hand account of your visit to former PGMA and a congresswoman.

    1. markpere2010 says:

      Hi, Sir Gil. Thank you so much for your lengthy analysis to my account. GMA may be one of the most reviled figures in the country right now, but I believe she still deserves to be heard. Honestly, the cases filed against he should be promptly resolves for the country’s sake.

  5. Sebs | says:

    Wow! Great experience! Congrats! You’re now officially “linked” to GMA. =)

    1. markpere2010 says:

      Hahaha. Kuya Sebs, I was just able to visit her. Hindi pa naman kami “linked.” 🙂

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