February 25, 2012 special working holiday pay rules

The nation will mark the 26th anniversary of the world-famous 1986 People Power Revolution on February 25, a Saturday. According to President Benigno Aquino III’s Proclamation 295 for 2011, the event “restored and ushered political, economic, and social reforms in the country” and that it “serves as an inspiration to Filipinos everywhere as a nation and as a people.”

Because of the success of the EDSA Revolution, Corazon Aquino was named as Time Magazine's Woman of the Year for 1986

Is February 25, 2012 a special non-working holiday? The answer is no, as per Proclamation 295. The anniversary of People Power I is listed as a special holiday for all SCHOOLS only (emphasis mine). As a master’s student in UP Diliman with classes every Saturday, this is good news for me – but not for those required to work on Saturdays. Download here Proclamation 295 from President Benigno Aquino III.

According to the Department of Labor and Employment, employees who will report for work during special working days are only to his/her basic rate. DOLE explained that “no premium pay is required since work performed on said days (e.g. February 25) is considered work (done during) ordinary working days. Thanks but no thanks, PNoy! 🙂

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32 thoughts on “February 25, 2012 special working holiday pay rules

  1. I can’t really comment on working here since I am a foreigner and I don’t work in Philippines.

    However, I can comment about EDSA in 1986. Two major players in EDSA, Juan Ponce Enrile, who turned 88, and Gringo Honasan, can be seen live daily on TV as Senate Judges in the Impeachment Trial of CJ Corona. Those two laid their lives on the line at EDSA and they are still around today to appreciate the freedom and democracy in Philippines. I lived in Philippines during 1986-1987, so those years will always remain important events in my life as well.

    It is too bad that Cory Aquino did not live to see her son as President. I just wonder what she would think today. It would be interesting.

    1. i share your sentiments about EDSA; all the more that it came from a foreigner.

      seeing JPE presiding over the impeachment trial gives me pride at how democracy works in our country, no matter how tedious at times. i can’t be as enthusiastic when it comes to gringo.

      as for cory living to see her son as president, i’d say, it was ironic that it was cory’s death that propelled Pnoy into the presidency.

  2. Hi there! you are welcome. To answer your question, Noynoy probably would not have been running for President if his mom had not died. If not, there is a good chance that ERAP would now be President..again, since he came in 2nd Place.

  3. Since I am a foreigner, I don’t become openly involved in politics and I don’t criticize any politicians or any Filipinos for that matter. I am a permanent resident of Philippines since 2010 but not a citizen, of course. Our son is a dual citizen of USA and Philippines but he is only 6 years old.

    I enjoy reading about Philippine politics and have since 1986, so I know all the important and recognizable names. I read the Inquirer daily, online. I am watching the Impeachment Trial daily on GMA 7, Live coverage. It is better than some of the prime time TV shows! Without joking or making fun, I think it really is more fun in the Philippines. Wow, Philippines is good, too.

    1. I really appreciate it when foreigners express concern for our country. Thanks for that! I am happy that you enjoy being here. You know, some foreigners seem to resent the country *remember Claire Danes?* Nevertheless, I hope you are still affected by what’s happening in US. 🙂

  4. You are welcome. I have been concerned about Philippines for many years since I have visited many times before we moved here in 2009. I also lived in Philippines in 1986-1987 when Philippines was re-establishing under the new Constitution.

    I don’t know Claire Dane’s comments about Philippines. I belong to several Yahoo Philippine Groups and some foreigners do make negative remarks, so I ask why they still live here if it is all that bad!

    I am still a registered voter in USA and vote in the elections by absentee ballot. Looking forward to the November election.

    1. You can research the words Claire Danes and Philippines and I’m sure you’ll be able to know why she has since been blacklisted here.
      Thanks for bringing up the 2012 US elections. I have written about it here on this blog. As you see, I really enjoy politics. Any thoughts about the polls? Will Obama get reelected?

  5. I just read the words of Claire Danes and I agree 100% that she should be blacklisted.

    It may be hard for any of the Republican candidates to beat Obama since none seem well liked! Bush was re-elected in 2004 because the Demo candidate was not well liked. I see some similarities in Kerry and Romney. A lot can still happen between now and November and Rick Santorum could catch on to be a viable option to beat the Big O.

    1. Santorum for me borders on conservative social extremism. Romney, meanwhile, is disliked by hardcore conservatives. I’d like Ron Paul to be their bet, but it’s not gonna happen.

  6. Ron Paul won’t be the GOP bet but he can still run for 3rd Party as a write in candidate. I don’t see him winning in the General Election, however.

    My complaint about Ron Paul is that is he said he would take an isolation stance for America and cut off aid to foreign countries. I will be the first to admit and agree that billions are given to undeserving countries. Some countries that are borderline deserving don’t even appreciate the aid.

    Philippines is a very deserving country in my opinion. I know that those who demonstrate at the US Embassy do not represent the majority in Philippines.

    1. Supporters of Mr. Paul would rather label his foreign policy as that of non-interference. As he puts it, US can no longer afford to be the policeman of the world given it’s economic woes. And I think, based on his better performance this year than when he ran in 2008, he has a broader audience now.

      Foreign aid is really helpful to us Filipinos, but at some point in the future, we have to be less dependent on it.

  7. “i share your sentiments about EDSA; all the more that it came from a foreigner.”

    Thank you, Roger.

    I really think that Juan Ponce Enrile is doing a great job presiding over the impeachment trial. He is fair and impartial, showing no favorite side. It is not an easy job for even a much younger man.

    My prayer is that in Philippines, people can become self supportive. I think that is the basic desire that most people have in every country. To have a good paying job and take care of their family.

  8. para ano pa bakit kailangan pa ng ipag diwang itong feb 25 ano ba ang pinag bago ng bansa nting baon sa utang,,,meron bang nagbago sa kalakaran,,,umunlad ba tayong pilipino,,,

  9. I am a foreigner and I hope the EDSA Revolution is never erased from people’s minds, not only in Philippines but world wide. That was probably the first time in history that people peacefully expressed their will with little or no violence on either side to bring about change in a government.

    Let us hope that the next 26 years will bring forth more fruit from what EDSA opened the door for with its original intentions.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment. Although EDSA I didn’t bring about a really thorough change in the Philippine political and social landscape, it is still one historical event that cannot be understated.

      1. Hi! You are welcome. Our son is a citizen of Philippines as well as a citizen of USA but we are living in Philippines. This is our home and this is where our son wants to live. We do, too.

        EDSA I cannot be understated and prayerfully, another historic moment of such magnitude, but not in the streets, will happen to put food on the plates of the hungry, more higher paying jobs and uniting people again. That is my prayer for our son’s future and the future of all other Filipinos around the country.

      2. Thanks for loving the country that much. I hope my countrymen can be as patriotic as you. After all, who among us wouldn’t benefit once the country achieves a bright future, right? 🙂

  10. Hi! I asked my boss today if I should make extra pay to those employees who worked last feb 25 since its special holiday and I am still new in doing payroll and she told me “May Holiday Fee” but I didnt know how many percent should I add-up as additional fee, so I searched the web and I came up reading this post. Thanks for your post its really a big help.

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