Timeline for all Facebook pages starting March 30, 2012

Facebook announced this February 29 that “all pages” on this site will get the new design (the Timeline) beginning on March 30, 2012. In line with this, page administrators are encouraged to preview immediately how their respective accounts would look like on the new layout and for them to try out the other features. This comes five weeks after the popular website announced that “everyone will get timeline…over the next few weeks.”

All Facebook pages will get the timeline by March 30, 2012 (click to enlarge)

The new feature was made available to users last December 15. According to post by Facebook’s Paul McDonald, the timeline gives users an “easy way” to rediscover the things they shared as well as their life’s most important moments. One of the key features of the timeline is the activity log, where users can review all the items they posted from the day they started using the said social networking site.

Users will have seven days after clicking “get Timeline” to preview what they want to appear on their profile page. The Internet giant has published a step-by-step guide for users in customizing their privacy settings. This is apparently to allay fears that the new page layout is a means for Facebook to sell more user information to its advertisers. As Financial Times reported in early February, “Facebook is offering to marketers an opportunity to pay to feature these automatic posts more prominently to a user’s friends, in their news feeds, and in the right-hand column of the page that is generally reserved for advertising.”

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