Bulakenyos will have their first provincial holiday of the year this January 23, when the nation marks the anniversary of the inauguration of the First Philippine Republic in Barosoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan in 1899. The anniversary of the so-called Malolos Republic has been declared a special non-working holiday in the province courtesy of Proclamation 523. Click here to read Proclamation 523 in full.

Aside from its significance in Philippine history, the establishment of the Malolos Republic also heralded the birth of Asia’s first independent republic. Curiously, this particular non-working day is not included in the list of provincial holidays listed in the 2007 Administrative Code of Bulacan. Download here the said 90-page document.

Congreso de Malolos
Congreso de Malolos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




9 thoughts on “January 23 2013 holiday in Bulacan

  1. When I was in college, I remembered how my teacher skipped the chapter on the Malolos Republic. I thought it should be studied because it was our first free government, but she didn’t agree with me. Sadly, I grew up abroad and studied abroad and learned little of my own country’s history. You have just reminded me that it’s time I looked up the Malolos Republic to find out what it was all about. Thank you:)

    1. Monisima, thank you! Aside from writing about national and local holidays, I also make it a point contextualize my posts by including some details about the event’s history. Thank you so much for your comment and I hope it’s not your last visit to my blog.

      PS: I suggest you read historian Teodoro Agoncillo’s two wonderful books on the subject – “Revolt of the Masses” and “Malolos: Crisis of the Republic.” 🙂

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