Anne Curtis says sorry for slapping incident

Popular actress and television host Anne Curtis admitted a published online report which revealed that she went on a slapping rampage inside a luxury bar last November 23. Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) reported early Sunday that the No Other Woman actress slapped JR Isaac, a magazine editor and events organizer, and other guests of Prive Luxury Club that night. An apparently-intoxicated Curtis also verbally attacked fellow celebrities John Lloyd Cruz and Phoemela Baranda. Read the complete report here.

The entertainment website also noted that Curtis had apologized to Isaac via text message the day after the incident and that the latter promptly accepted it. Curtis addressed the issue through a series of Twitter posts late Sunday night. Visit her Twitter page here.

anne curtis scandal
Anne Curtis says sorry for bar-slapping incident (Photo grab of her Twitter account)



Hey everyone. I will be making my official statement now & after this, I will not be giving any interviews about this issue anymore

“I choose to do this right away because I’ve always been an open book & I don’t like to hide anything…



“For those who have read about the issue, yes, most of it is true.


“I admit to that & I have apologized to all parties included immediately…


“When I was told of my behavior AND the person who started all of this, due to this persons inappropriate behavior, apologized to me too…


“Just as I did. Which I accepted too. I choose not to go into detail because I’m not the type to ruin someone else’s name..


“Now.. I had been on the super popular juice cleanse for 3 days & attended my best friends bachelorette that night, had one too many drinks…


“…which led to some of these unfortunate events. That’s why they say ‘Drink in moderation’. I will charge it to experience & a lesson learned.


“I’m sorry if I let any of my fans down…. As you all see, I’m just like any other person that makes mistakes in life…


“Thank you to everyone that has messaged me about their support. With where I am today I owe all of you my honesty. Good night.”

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8 thoughts on “Anne Curtis says sorry for slapping incident

  1. Once a conceited biatch always a conceited biatch.. All those liquior endorsers should think twice about having someone loose control over booze. And i can justify that even when dead drunk, one does not loose conciousness or even fades from it.

  2. hi every1,,yip anne is right nobody’s perfect..and also we dont have the right 2 judge any human being in this world..before u judge some1 ask ur self first,,AM I PERFECT?

  3. @ Jhennifer Rose Flores
    yeah.. Don’t judge others easily as well as don’t slap others just like that. Being under the influence of alcohol is not a valid reason to justify her actions.. And saying she can buy phoem, her friends and the club is way overboard. it only shows her real personality. There’s even a saying that “In vino veritas”, (“in wine [there is the] truth”).

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