Rizal province will be marking its 113th foundation anniversary this June 11, Wednesday.

The day has been declared a special non-working holiday in the said Southern Luzon province through Proclamation 762, which was signed by Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa last May 7.

Access the full text of the proclamationlast year.

Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines.
Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines.

Rizal was first established in June 11, 1901 through Act. No. 137 by the Second Philippine Commission, which has the same legislative powers as the Philippine Senate at present.

It was composed initially of 19 towns of Manila Province, and 14 municipalities belonging to the Morong Politico-Military District. Much of these territories, including Las Pinas, Mandaluyong, Marikina, and Makati, are now part of the National Capital Region

The proposal to create Rizal province from the merger of Manila and Morong came from Dr. Trinidad Pardo de Tavero of the Federalist Party. He saw it as a way of honoring Dr. Jose Rizal, the country’s national hero.

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9 thoughts on “June 11 2014 declared a holiday in Rizal

  1. This is good news since it gives us time to commemorate our national hero’s birth anniversary.

    Dagdag, Princess Rima A.
    Holy Angel University
    Rizal F-332 CBA

  2. It is appropriate to declare June 11 as a special non-working holiday for the people of the Rizal Province to be able participate in the commemoration of Jose Rizal. Although I think the said province is not the only place that needs to be considered, but the whole country as well since it is for the honor of Jose Rizal, our national hero. 🙂
    De Jesus, Denise Anne B.
    Holy Angel University
    CBA BM-334 Rizal

  3. June 11 reminds us our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, because it’s the day of his birth. It is the day to commemorate him. And because the Rizal province was name by him, a way of honoring him, June 11, 2014 was declared a special non-working holiday for the people of Rizal Province.

    Garcia, Mary Fe Yza Q.
    Holy Angel University
    CBA BM-334

  4. It is a good news that they declared June 11 as a special non-working holiday in the province of Rizal.It is the way of honoring Dr. Jose Rizal. The people will always remember the good things and the sacrifices the he did for the freedom of our country during his time.

    Aquino, Paulene Catherine G.
    Holy Angel University
    CBA Rizal BM-334

  5. June 19, 1861 is the day when our national hero named Dr. Jose Rizal was born. After all of the sacrifices that he have done for our country, it’s like a music into my ears hearing this news regarding his commemoration given to him by the people of Rizal last June 11. However, it’s a question to me why they only celebrated it to the place of Rizal? In fact he is our national hero, our whole country should stand as one in commemorating his birth.

    Maniago, Lizette D.
    Holy Angel University
    Rizal CBA BM-334

  6. It is important that June 11 is a special nonworking holiday in Rizal as the province celebrates its foundation day, it reminds all the people who is Rizal and how important he is. And that is the day of commemoration, so they treasure it.

    Mallari, Kaycee V.
    Holy Angel University
    Rizal CBA BM-334

    1. I never like President Benigno Aquino as the leader of the Philippines but what he did now makes me liked him a bit. I always believe that is better to commemorate someone on his birth than in his death. For me, birth means hope while daeth means an end. No matter how long may passed, we should always remember Rizal with love and like how died for the love of our country. The past had always to do with the present. Their are things that we must always be thankful for. Without Rizal’s existence in the past, our sun today will become omnimous that will never shine upon us.

      Nepomuceno, Anna Bettina S.
      Holy Angel University
      Rizal CBA BM-334

  7. it is good to declare june 11 as a special non working holiday, many people remember the all sacrifices that our national hero did for our country. The date of honoring Him, and it is good because we cannot forget all many good things that he made for us.

    Calara, Judy Ann M.
    Holy Angel University
    CBA BM-334 Rizal

  8. Give honor to whom honor is due. Rizal fought for the freedom of our country, Philippines. And to commemorate what he did, it is right to honor him by declaring non-working holiday every 11th of June.

    Soliman, Carlene Grace B.

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