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AJ Ramos and Abby Santiaguel of Ateneo – private video

A private video of two students from a top university in Metro Manila has gotten a lot of attention from netizens in recent days. The two students, identified by news blogs as AJ Ramos and Abby Santiaguel, are from Ateneo de Manila University.

The video has two parts, one is 16-minutes long while the other lasts for just two minutes. The videos has been uploaded in a number of pornographic websites.

Taking to his Twitter account, AJ Ramos appealed to netizens to stop circulating his private videos. “Sa lahat ng nag share, pwede po kayong makasuhan namin. Thank you!”

AJ ramos sex video

AJ Ramos is appealing to netizens to stop circulating his sex video with Abby Santiaguel

He is apparently referring to Republic Act 9995 or the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009, as mentioned in a previous post, is the law that prohibits the uploading and distribution of sex videos over the Internet, among other mediums.

By admitting that he is really the guy in the video, Ramos placed himself in the position to sue those who he believes violated his privacy rights. However, it must be noted that RA 9995 has yielded no successful prosecution whatsoever so far.

According to one Twitter user who uses the handle @markcgeronimo, Ramos and Santiaguel are lovers who’s been living together. The post added that this particular video file was originally saved in Ramos’ phone.

“AJ mistakenly left his phone in one of his friend’s house and sadly that friend sabotaged him,” the post continued, without giving any hints as to the identity of the video’s original uploader.

What happens now?

When Ramos made the aforementioned threat, some users were quick to react that since the leaked videos are now widely circulated, prosecuting everyone who watched and shared it may be a task in futility.

However, Ramos and Santiaguel should keep in mind that Ateneo de Manila University, being a Catholic institution, actually has a rule that can be used against them.

According to Section III of the Loyala Schools Rules and Regulations (it is page 76 in this link), the following is a punishable offense:

Committing acts outside the campus which affect the good name, order or welfare of the school or have direct and immediate effect on the discipline, morale, or general welfare of the school …”

Being involved in a sex scandal where the name of your institution is being dragged might qualify for this. Nevertheless, other details related to this case needs to be clarified first.



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