“Oo na! Ako na ang mag-isa!”: Memorable scenes from ‘English Only, Please’

“Oo na! Ako na ang mag-isa!”: Memorable scenes from ‘English Only, Please’

Memorable scenes and quotable quotes from ‘English Only, Please’

(Note: The Filipino Scribe‘s review of the movie can be read in this link.)

1) Despite their small promotional budget, the producers of “English Only, Please” scored a big coup when a scene featuring Tere and a jeepney barker was uploaded on the Internet and became viral. It goes like this:

Barker: “Baka meron diyang mag-isa lang. Walang boyfriend! Walang asawa! Walang kamag-anak! Isa na lang, lalarga na!”

Tere: “Oo na! Ako na! Ako na ang mag-isa!”

jennylyn mercado english only please
Jennylyn Mercado in one of the more memorable scenes from “English Only, Please” (Screenshot from YouTube)

2) Callalily vocalist Kean Cipriano’s isn’t known for his acting chops, but in this movie, he played the role of Rico, a parasitic and cheating boyfriend-of-sorts very well. When Tere asked Rico why they can’t be back together officially, he said “It’s not you. It’s me.”

That is intended to make the message receiver feel better about himself/herself (you might be tempted to say “At least I’m not the one with a problem!”) when in fact, it’s just a consuelo de bobo.

And further showing his assholery, Rico became visibly upset when Tere  only managed to buy him an 11-inch MacBook Air because he is asking for a 13-inch one. Instead of getting mad because of Rico’s lack of appreciation, Tere said “Ako pa ba?,” which means she will go further just to give what he wants.


3) With her family staying in their native Bulacan, Tere is living in Manila with her bestfriend Mallows and her tactless little daughter. Mallows is desperately looking for a man, even using online dating sites to find someone. Her first meeting with those boys are usually good, but things go downhill whenever she reveals she already has a child.

One time, the two exasperated ladies unloaded their emotional burdens. “Kumo-quota ka na talaga sa pagkatanga sa pag-ibig!” Mallows warns Tere, to which the latter bitterly replied, “Wala naman magbibilang kung ilang beses kang nagpakatanga, ‘di ba?”

4) Also, notice this brilliant words-of-wisdom said to Julian by his dad via Skype:

Are you going to focus on what went wrong, or will you look instead at the things that’s going right in your life?

5) Just who among us can’t relate to the labels “Tanga #1, Tanga #2 / Foolish Heart 1, Foolish Heart 2” and the all-too-familiar “kasi traffic sa EDSA” excuse for tardiness?


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