BATCH 2015!| Six most ideal gifts for fresh college graduates

BATCH 2015!| Six most ideal gifts for fresh college graduates

We’ve been seeing a lot of graduation photos on our Facebook news feeds perhaps as early as February (and will continue to do so until the end of April). Whether we admit it or not, graduates expect people to give them something for their achievement. Some are very vocal about this to their parents or older siblings, while some are not. But to tell you the truth, every graduating student really deserved it.

The question is, what is the best graduation gift we can give to a college graduate? Check out the list below:

1. Vacation/Travel Voucher

Whether it is a solo or family trip, vacation voucher is the sweetest gift we can give to a college graduate. A time for relaxation and enjoyment is best appreciated after a term full of stress and deadlines.

But if we want our graduates to experience of what to expect to the real world, let them travel alone. This will also be a good time to rediscover themselves and contemplate for the future ahead of them. The vacation voucher must include plane ticket, accommodation and some extra cash for other expenses while travelling.

romblon beach resort
Giving a fresh graduate a vacation voucher or a plane ticket to somewhere should be seriously considered

2. A set of decent corporate attire from head to toe

One of the problems faced by applicants is finding decent clothes to be used during their job interview. Surely, we all have met someone who borrowed black pants or polo shirt or a pair of shoes from someone for a job hunt.

In the corporate world, fresh grads will be judged primarily on how they present themselves. Thus, if we really want our graduates to land a decent job, let them wear something decent as well. Besides, this will make them realize that they should find a job right away so they can help us pay the bills at home.

3. The latest Smartphone

Okay, I’ve said it. Even if I didn’t mention this, almost everyone wants the latest Smartphone as a graduation gift. Samsung, iPhone, or LG, surely this will make their day once they received it. Why Smartphone? Well, because this is exactly what they want whether you ask them or not. And also, this is can be a necessity for a future job (e.g. for mass communication graduates).

smartphones graduation gift
A lot of fresh grads would very much like to receive a smartphone as a gift (Credits:

4. A condo unit / flat / apartment

This is only applicable to well-off families. And honestly, there are parents who give their children such gifts for the sole purpose of teaching them to be independent. This might be a bit much but it is worthy enough especially if they graduated with flying colors.

5. A new car
In some countries like the Philippines, a car is luxurious possession. However, in most countries it is a necessity. Even high school students are being provided by their parents their own car.

6. A job Offer
Knowing the fact that hundreds of thousands of college students graduate every year in the Philippines and most of them are not fortunate enough to get a job, having a secured slot to a company or institution even before you graduate is surely a blessing that shouldn’t be taken for granted by the recipient.

They might not be able to appreciate it now, but sooner they will realize the importance of what you gave them when some of their friends are jobless or still job hunting even after months had passed after graduation.

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