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MOVIE REVIEW| Attack on Titans Live Action Movie and its Failure to meet the beauty of its Original Anime Series version (Warning! Spoiler Alert!)

The world of otakus and anime lovers was shaken last year when an advertisement of a Japanese brand car Subaru was released online and on television. The advertisement features a white car being chased by a naked giant on the mountain-side. This followed a series


Did the Filipinos overreact to the Thai national’s online outburst?

Thai national Prasertsri Kosin received flak and condemnation from netizens after he made derogatory remarks against Filipinos on the ASEAN Facebook group page. Some of his remarks were based on his observation where he described our society in an exaggerated manner using his rudimentary English skills. Truth

mary jane veloso family

PR STUNT? | Is the Veloso family being used by leftist groups and the Aquino admin?

Celia Veloso received flak from netizens after she had announced to the media that the Philippine government especially President Benigno Aquino III had nothing to do with Mary Jane Veloso’s reprieve.  The Veloso family is now in hot water and are in fact tagged as ingrates. As

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