REVEALED: Full story behind the “Saan ka nag-aral? UP Diliman ako!” viral video

REVEALED: Full story behind the “Saan ka nag-aral? UP Diliman ako!” viral video

You have perhaps watched or read about that two-minute viral video where an angry customer can be seen berating a mall employee. At one point, the angry customer told the guy: “Saan ka nag-aral? UP Diliman ako!”

A common theme among viral videos are scenes where people lose their composure in public settings. We can mention here the likes of Christopher “I was not informed!” Lim, Paula Jamie Salvosa aka “Amalayer,” and the recent confrontation between ABS-CBN broadcast journalist Doris Bigornia and a concert-goer.  The fact is,  viral videos usually don’t tell us the entire story.

The rise of the cyberspace, where everyone can post comments on anything, sometimes anonymously, have made people become a lot meaner and judgmental. Many people are willing to give their two cents, occasionally in an uncivilized manner, without really knowing the context of what they’re writing about.

dennis celestial up diliman
Accessory designer Dennis Celestial can be heard screaming “” in a viral video

According to a post on the Facebook page “Pinoy History,” the incident began after SM Cinema employee Aldin Barral mistakenly gave Dennis Celestial, a celebrity stylist and accessory-designer, two tickets for the movie “Kid Kulafu” instead of “Day of the Mummy.”

This mistake infuriated Celestial so much that he confronted Barral about it, calling him an incompetent worker in front of other ticket-buyers. This in turn prompted Barral to leave the selling booth to tell Celestial: “Wala kayong karapatan sigawan ako!”

In a succeeding face-off inside a closed area, Celestial argued that Barral embarrassed him with his action, saying that the latter should have exerted effort to pacify him instead of fighting fire with fire (“Instead of pacifying (me), ikaw pa nakikipagsabayan!“). And then, this exchange happened:

Barral: Sir, huwag mo akong duruin. Hindi ako pinag-aral ng nanay ko para bastusin ng katulad mo.

Celestial: Tulad ko? Saan ka nag-aral? UP Diliman ako! Saan ka nag-aral? Yan pala pupuntahan natin ha. Saan ka nag-aral?

Barral: Sir, yun nga po …

Celestial: Pointing a finger doesn’t mean na minamaliit ka. It’s stressing a point. Kung nag-aral ka talagang maigi, you should have known that. (Turning to the guy’s female supervisor) Don’t put him on customer service!

If someone says that he is a graduate of UP Diliman, should we take that immediately as a fact? And also, should being a graduate of UPD be a license for anyone to act rudely?

Mark there’s what my UPian Brother always said to me about the myth of UP graduate, magagaling daw ang taga UP. But he just laughed at the myth. It’s a “Non sequitur. Post hoc ergo propter hoc. Assumptio non probata.”

I’m really annoyed at people who stereotype graduates of UP Diliman just because of rotten eggs it has produced.

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