Doris Bigornia defends actions during The Script concert

Doris Bigornia defends actions during The Script concert

Broadcast journalist Doris Bigornia finally addressed the controversy over her and her children’s alleged misbehavior during the recent concert of Irish pop-rock band The Script at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

In a statement posted on her Facebook page,  the ABS-CBN reporter admitted that while she and her daughter really stood stood up and rushed to the front when the band entered the platform, she noted that doing this is typical in all rock concerts.

“I apologize to Mr. Richard Lim if our actions caused any inconvenience or upset him and his son in any way. It was certainly not our intention to do so,” Bigornia said. 

doris bigornia the script
TV reporter Doris Bigornia and her two kids posing with members of “The Script”

In his post dated April 19, Lim described that many other concert-goers also did what Bigornia and her daughter did, obstructing the view of those seated in front. Lim is affiliated with the Association for the Advancement of Karatedo and has served as a coach for international karate competitions.

“Bouncers tried to push Doris and company away but her daughter shouted on top of her voice to the bouncers and said ‘paalisin nyo muna lahat bago kami umalis dito,’ Lim wrote on his Facebook page, which has been shared over 2,000 times.

Lim claimed that he personally asked Bigornia to go back to her seat, mentioning that his son is already having difficultiy breathing. Instead of obliging to his request, he said the reporter retorted: “Wala akong paki kahit mamatay siya dyan!” (I don’t give a damn even if he dies there,)

Bigornia flatly denies that this exchange took place. “It is not true that I made a harsh statement when Lim complained that his son was hyperventilating. Knowing the pain of losing a loved one, I would never have uttered such an insensitive statement.”

Bigornia and Lim had another confrontation right after the concert and with the live audience already leaving the venue. As expected, the two parties have different versions of what really happened.

“After the concert, my children and I were happily talking about how much we enjoyed the show when Mr. Lim came and confronted us. When Mr. Lim said hurtful words to my children, I had to step in. My maternal instincts took over. That argument should not have taken place,” Bigornia said.

According to Lim, he and his were already on their way out when they passed in front of the Bigornia family. “Her son was looking at me with a grin so I confronted them and asked the son, Lorenzo Sungalon, if he had any problems with me. He (asked) why I kept on looking at them,” he said.

Several videos of this confrontation has been uploaded on social media. However, the exact moment that would’ve made it clear how it all started was not captured.

In the video, Bigornia can be heard telling Lim that he is putting her in a lose-lose situation, aware of the fact that people close to them are most likely recording the incident with the purpose of uploading it on the Internet. It was then that her two kids got involved in the verbal tussle, mainly by shouting curses in English.

“I’m talking to your Mom to clear things up,” he told Bigornia’s children. “I’m not talking to you kids so please shut up,” he added. “Lay off my kids! Lay off my kids!” the reporter shouted back.

This incident is similar to the recent outburst of ESPN sideline reporter Britt McHenry, where she was caught on tape  verbally abusing a tow lot employee. Her network suspended her for a week following the incident. Now, will ABS-CBN do the same thing against their “Mutya ng Masa”?

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