BASURA, BULOK, at PEKE – More Fun in the Philippines

BASURA, BULOK, at PEKE  – More Fun in the Philippines

There is currently an online petition calling on the Canadian government to send back to their country 98 container vans full of waste material. The said petition on now has nearly 30,000 signatures.

Come to think of it – how did those vans get into our shores in the first place? Why does our Government either blindly or unknowingly tolerate dumping or flow of garbage, rubbish, waste, junks, and fake items into our nation by other countries including Canada, Japan, Australia, United States, China, et. al? Where are the customs and environment officials?

Why do our President and government leaders allow these countries to blatantly DISRESPECT or HUMILIATE us and intentionally ABUSE our environment (air, water, earth)? Is it because we are already doing it to ourselves? No self-respecting nation should ever allow that to happen.

Unfortunately, a lot of Filipinos seems to have had some sort of affinity for these less-than-desirable items. Look at the following:

imported garbage from canada
Is Canada turning Philippines into a garbage bin? (Credits: Facebook user Pedro Kalampag)

1. UKAY-UKAY (used clothes, shoes, bags, and other related goods)

2. USED or 2ND HAND items (appliances, home/office furnitures, gadgets, etc.)

3. SURPLUS GOODS (vehicle or machine parts,

4. 50 containers filled with RUBBISH/TRASH/GARBAGE/WASTE materials.

5. JUNKS/REFURBISHED/RECONDITIONED vehicles, or weapons & ammunition for our transportation, police, military or defense.

6. FAKE or SUBSTANDARD building materials, fashions goods, gadgets, etc.

Is this the Philippines that we live in now? Do we seriously want to be known as the global capital for material waste? It can be surmised that this is a result of our “Pwede na yan” (“That will do”) and “Bahala na” (“Come what may”) attitude. Maybe it’s also the reason why we have very poor:

1. MRT (mass transport system)
2. INTERNET service
3. POWER supply
4. TELECOM service
5. AIRPORT facilities
6. HEALTH CARE benefit
8. JUSTICE System
9. POLITICIANS (President, V. President, Cabinet, Senators, Congress, Local Officials)
10. POLITICAL System
11. DEFENSE (Military,Navy, Air)
14. EDUCATION system
15. EMPLOYMENT opportunity and JOB Creation

Philippines have numerous excellent laws, rules and regulations for protection and preservation of our environment and natural resources. Despite this, the government seems to be more keen on turning this into a legal way to extort money from business owners and the private sector in general.

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