Mar Roxas for 2016: Using the Typhoon Yolanda Funds to Finance his Presidential Campaign

Mar Roxas for 2016: Using the Typhoon Yolanda Funds to Finance his Presidential Campaign
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No one will ever forget the disaster that happened in the early November of 2013 when the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded in the human history left a devastating scene on its path that consumed more than 6,300 lives in the Philippines alone. Even after the typhoon Yolanda (Typhoon Haiyan)  had left, people in Tacloban and nearby cities continued to suffer its effect. It had taken days before the help from the foreign and local communities  reached the affected areas. However, as unfortunate as it seemed, different parts of the world extended their help through goods and cash donations, and manpower for rehabilitation.  The amount the Philippines received as of August 3, 2015 from is  stated listed below:

Total foreign aid pledged:

PHP 73,307,438,834.36

(USD 1,643,038,277.66)


total cash pledged:

PHP 45,109,273,248.49

(USD 1,011,033,311.26)


total non-cash pledged:

PHP 28,198,165,585.87

(USD 632,004,966.40)


Foreign Aid Received:

PHP 17,225,933,458.55

(USD 386,084,529.63)


Total cash received by government:

PHP 1,195,208,079.14

(USD 26,788,176.68)


total non-cash received by government:

PHP 1,269,787,369.01

(USD 28,459,720.94)


Total received by NGOs, Multilateral and others:

PHP 14,760,938,010.40

(USD 330,836,632.01)



Where did the money go?

That’s the universal question everybody is anxiously asking. If we are going to search the internet, government related sites and some local news websites will give you how much the government spent on the post-yolanda incident. However, the figures and data they share to the public are contradictory and conflicting. Perhaps even the real amount we have received was still a lot higher than what the media told us. Even if the government claimed they had already spent a total of Php52.06 Billion as of November 2014 to bankroll relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction projects and programs for Yolanda’s survivors; the real situation of the victims will say it all. Can we really trust the what the government told us? Even the traces of where the money was spent, list of town beneficiaries, proper billings and outcomes of the projects have gone cold.


What happened to the Yolanda Victims now?

The government claimed that progress in the Yolanda-hit areas is becoming visible and still continuing its effort to expedite the rehabilitation program there yet some claimed that they have never received any help from the government at all.

Regardless of who are telling the truth, we can answer this question by seeing the situation ourselves or by asking the victims themselves.


Where will the money really go?

Perhaps this is the question nobody had thought of asking, but we might have a fairly good idea to answer the question. Judging from the past and current actions we have witnessed from A PARTICULAR GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL and from the current situations we have seen these past few days, it all adds up for the upcoming 2016 election.

The money was saved and kept for this GLORIOUS EVENT in 2016!


Since a big portion of Filipino voters are idiots, let us support Mar Roxas for 2016 Presidential election. Since the Philippines was named the most stupid country in the world for electing  a 20-year-old OJT as senator, let us all prove our stupidity by electing the most incompetent presidential candidate. And since most Filipinos are morons who will never forget the tragic event did by the typhoon Yolanda but can easily forget the moronic actions and foul mouth of Mar Roxas during the Yolanda incident, let us all hail and worship Roxas and help him win the election. And after the election, let us all play another blame-game since we have been very good at it.


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2 thoughts on “Mar Roxas for 2016: Using the Typhoon Yolanda Funds to Finance his Presidential Campaign

  1. Mar Roxas…. the most underachieving politician in the history of the Philippines.
    Ateneo- and Wharton-educated, but would rather kiss Aquino butt than be a man for himself, or actually accomplish anything for the benefit and welfare of the Filipino people.

  2. To steal calamity relief funds and donations is simply darkest level of evil. Don’t vote for this guy. Heartless, conscienceless, not to mention inept and impotent.

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