FORGET ABOUT YOLO – When in college, you’re on your own!

FORGET ABOUT YOLO – When in college, you’re on your own!

Note: I was recently invited to be part of the ‘Humans of MasKom’, one of the activities spearheaded by the UP College of Mass Communication (UP CMC) Student Council in partnership with the UP Broadcasters’ Guild and other orgs for the college’s freshmen students. This took place last August 5 at the CMC Auditorium.

Good afternoon, everyone! First of all, thanks to the CMC Student Council and the UP Broadcasters’ Guild for having me here today. Just to remind everyone, I served as BroadGuild’s VP for education from 2009 to 2010 and I can’t help but be amazed at how the succeeding batches made the organization bigger and better.

It’s a big honor for me to here speaking to you, the newest batch of UP CMC students. Congratulations to all of you. I want to give a special shout-out to shiftees and transferees who didn’t mind taking the risk of staying a bit longer in college. Thanks to K plus 12, the college won’t have this many new students until 2018.

The past five years since I earned my journalism degree has been among the best years of my life. I’ve been in various industries, including education publishing, education, and journalism. All the while, I’m also pursuing a masters’ degree in history. I also started my own website The Filipino Scribe ( in 2011, and the blog has received numerous national recognition over the years, apart from millions of page views.

motivational speakers philippines
Giving my remarks during the ‘Humans of MasKom’ event for new students of UP CMC (Credits: UP Broadcasting Association)


At this point, I want to share with you several nuggets of wisdom which can help you survive your years in MassComm and eventually, in your professional life:

1) Ask questions – From inquiring about the enrollment process to the location of certain buildings to doing interviews, it is best to remember that nothing’s wrong with asking around. As my favorite journalism professor loved to say, ‘Better be embarrassed in front of your source than to get your facts wrong.’

2) Be friendly and connect with people – Mass communication students need to be comfortable being around people, especially given the nature of the industry. You need to establish connections and nurture it. You’ll never know when you’re going to need their help.

3) Explore opportunities – Whether it’s joining organizations, taking part in competitions, or applying for international scholarships, you have to make the most out of what the university has to offer.

4) Be independent – Mommy and daddy can’t save you anymore. To put it bluntly, you gotta clean your own mess whenever you make one. Forget about YOLO. Remember – you’re on your own.

up broadcasters guild
Posing with officers of members of the UP Broadcasters Guild


5) Maintain an open line with your professors – As I always tell my students, it’s better to be known by your professor than to go unnoticed. There are things that only the two of you can discuss. If you sense you’re in trouble, do not hesitate to talk to him. It’s best not to get caught unaware.

6) Have fun and learn your priorities – Go out and enjoy meeting new acquaintances, friends, and even lovers. Contrary to what your parents may have told you, walang masama magmahal. But you always have to keep in mind your priorities.

7) Set high expectations, but do not be too hard on yourself. Failure is sometimes inevitable, but how you react to it is more important. To all of you here: please accept my best wishes for your years ahead in the college. Sana apat na taon lang, pero kung hindi kaya, just remember Miley: “It’s not about how fast I get there, it’s all about the climb!”

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