A video of two Filipino high school students, a boy and a girl, having a steamy session inside what appears to be a classroom has gone viral on social media as of late Sunday night. The couple are wearing their school uniform while doing the deed.

The video, which lasts for one minute and six seconds, was most likely recorded by a third party. A source who is knowledgeable about the scandal told The Filipino Scribe that the couple were students of a Catholic high school in Tarlac. According to her, the video has been circulating in their community since March.

The video gained popularity after it was uploaded in the Facebook page “Kupal Lord.” It received almost a million page views, with netizens making fun of the fact that the high school girl was sipping soft drink while making out with her lover.

softdrinks scandal bagito 3.0
Netizens quickly labeled the newest leaked video as “Bagito 3.0” and “Softdrinks Scandal”

What’s wrong with teenagers being in a relationship?

The involvement of teenagers in relationships have been blamed for causing a number of problems, some of these more serious than the others. Among the problems associated with being in a relationship is poor academic performance, coming home late, unintended pregnancies, and even sexually transmitted infections.

Unsurprisingly, many parents are really dissuading their children from having boyfriends or girlfriends – a reality that forces lots of teenagers to be dishonest to their guardians when they enter into relationships.

Before anything else, is teenage love really a bad thing? The answer is no. For one, walang mali sa pag-ibig, right? More seriously now. Falling in love and getting hurt is a natural part of human life and we’ll surely experience it until our last days here on Earth.

So, what’s wrong with teenagers being in a relationship? Nothing, as long as these two things are kept in mind: priorities and self-control.

Despite being in a relationship, teenagers should always keep in mind their priorities. Why are they studying in the first place? Is it to look for a crush or a potential lover? Of course, not! They must go to school every day because their main responsibility is to study and work toward having a college degree. Studies first all the time. They should do that to achieve a bright future.

Now we go to self-control. I guess all of you know what I am talking about here. It’s okay to be in a relationship because us humans are always looking for love and companionship. However, we must not take more than what we can handle.

If you are not yet ready to go “there,” and if you are not ready to have responsibility for another human being, then you should always control your passions. Always know your limits, and always be protected! Loving is never a bad thing if you can handle it well! 




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