High school teacher in Quezon City uses AlDub for periodical exam in Filipino

High school teacher in Quezon City uses AlDub for periodical exam in Filipino

There’s no denying that the popularity of the so-called “AlDub” love team has reached stratospheric levels. The unlikely tandem of young actor Alden Richards and “DubsMash” queen Maine Mendoza is seen everyday in GMA 7 noontime show ‘Eat Bulaga,’ with their segment dubbed as #KalyeSerye. In fact, the hashtag #AlDubEBTamangPanahon generated over 40 million tweets last October 24.

Apart from posting about the love team on social media, supporters of #AlDub have also made fan arts, videos, and other creative stuff to show their adoration for the couple. As if that’s not enough, a fan from Quezon City who happens to be a teacher of Filipino for high school students took everything a step further by writing about the #KalyeSerye as part of a reading comprehension text for the of the periodical exam. A photo of the said exam was uploaded on Facebook by user “Sañti Galasi“:

AlDub used in periodical test
A teacher of Filipino from Quezon City used AlDub as part of a periodical test (Credits: Facebook user Sañti Galasi)

The photo has been shared over 500 times and has received mixed reactions from netizens so far. While Facebook users (including the one uploaded the photo) used this to highlight the supposed deteriorating quality of education in the Philippines, others have explained that using a pop culture reference for a reading proficiency exam is fine.

I will have to agree with the second point of view. I see no problem in using AlDub as a topic for the reading selection. This is already my fourth year as a college instructor and in several semesters, I’ve been asked to teach Filipino and English subjects. Teachers are usually required to include reading comprehension items in exams.

I enjoy that because it gives me the opportunity to write while other teachers do not like that as much. To get the attention of students, we have to use “trendy” examples. In my case, I usually use current events particularly political news.

ALDUb trending worldwide
(Credits: Facebook page of ‘Eat Bulaga’)

Now, having said that, it must be pointed out that the essay used in the exam as well as the corresponding questions lack any depth. Can’t the teacher write about the many relevant topics that can be related to #AlDub like waiting for the right time for love, etc. The obvious lack of proofreading for the text is also very appalling. It reminds me of students who rush their paper works.

POSTSCRIPT: When I posted my reaction to the exam, two Facebook friends shared their disagreement with me and I am sharing it below:

Edcy T. Dayon (college instructor for English and Masters in Education student) – “In principles of teaching, using names and events that are trendy and influential in constructing tests, activities or even questions in the class is very effective. But making it as the main context is not advisable at all.”

Lester Nazareno-Ople (human resource officer and law student) – “For primary and secondary education, I think pop culture should remain outside the classroom, or at least serve as a jump-off point for more serious material. College is the time that students should have been equipped properly by primary and secondary school with sufficient basic skills that should enable them to process pop culture as academic material.” 

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