Students of public elementary and high schools all over the country will enjoy a one-week semester break beginning October 24, Saturday. This is stipulated in the Department of Education (DepEd)’s official calendar for school year 2015 to 2016.

The school break will be from October 24 until November 1. Classes are set to resume on November 2 (Monday) unless President Benigno Aquino III declares the said date as a special non-working holiday to pave the way for a three-day weekend.

All Souls Day falls on November 2, and many Filipinos prefer to visit their departed loved ones on this day because cemeteries are far less congested by then.

deped sembreak 2015
The semester break for public school students will be from october 24 to November 1
(Photo taken during a journalism workshop at Cubao Elementary School)

It must be noted that only students will actually go on a break during this period. Teachers and school officials are mandated by DepEd to conduct a midyear assessment and to take part in an in-service training or INSET during these days.


The education department had previously stressed that private schools can deviate from the official calendar as long as they begin classes not earlier than June 1 and not later than August 31. Private schools are also mandated to meet the minimum of 200 school days required throughout the term.

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