DepEd moves to save thousands of professors from unemployment due to K-12

DepEd moves to save thousands of professors from unemployment due to K-12

The Department of Education last month began accepting applicants for teaching positions in the senior high school level. The new teachers will be handling classes for Grades 11 and 12 beginning June 2016.

While the education department routinely invite applicants for teachers every year, what makes this particular announcement different is its emphasis on college faculty members who are bound to lose their jobs since the subjects they are handling will already be moved to SHS.

The DepEd gave interested individuals until October 30 to submit to the local DepEd Schools Division Office (SDO) where they live the following:

Mandatory requirements for all applicants:

  • Letter of intent which shall indicate the following information:
    1. Statement of purpose/expression of interest
    2. Track(s)/Strand(s)/Subjects(s) applying for
    3. Preferred school(s), if any
  • CSC Form 212, Revised 2005 (Personal Data Sheet) in two (2) copies with the latest 2×2 ID picture
  • Certified photocopy of certificates of relevant specialized trainings, if any
  • Certified copy of Voter’s ID and/or any proof of residency
  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance
  • Omnibus certification of authenticity and veracity of all documents submitted, duly notarized and signed by the applicant
teaching vacancies deped 2016
The Department of Education is seeking new teachers for Senior High School (Photo taken from the Facebook page of DepEd)

Additional requirements for permanent full-time positions:

  • Certified photocopy of Diploma on Bachelor’s degree
  • Certified photocopy of Transcript of Records with at least 15 units of specialization in relevant strand/specialized subject
  • Certified photocopy of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) professional ID card/certificate of registration /license, if available
  • Certified photocopy of ratings obtained in the Licensure Examination for teachers(LET)/Professional Board Examination for Teachers (PBET), if available

Additional requirements for TVL teacher-applicants (for both full-time and part-time):

  • Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) National Certificate (NC) of at least one level higher than course to be taught in subject to be taught (e.g. at least NC-III in SMAW to teach SMAW-NC-II)
  • Certified photocopy of Trainers Methodology Certificate (TMC), if available

Additional requirement for Arts & Design and Sports Tracks teacher-applicants:

  • Certified photocopy of Certification of Proficiency/Recognition from recognized and respectable relevant associations/organizations/guild

Additional requirement for HEI/TVI faculty:

  • Certified photocopy of Certification of Status of Employment/Service Record from HEI/TVI

In the announcement, DepEd emphasized that they are only gathering a preliminary pool. In the coming weeks or months, SDOs will publish the official list of vacant teaching positions in their respective areas.

Interested individuals will then submit a formal application, and after which, the applicants will be ranked based on their credentials including educational attainment, teaching and industry experience, awards achieved and seminars attended, etc. The salary grade and status of appointment of successful applicants will also be based here. “The DepEd SDO shall determine the applicants’ school assignments in consultation with the SHS,” the bulletin further added.

As noted above, DepEd explicitly stated that priority will be given to affected/displaced faculty from higher education institutions. Nevertheless, the department stressed that permanent full-time status “shall only be given to applicants with PRC teaching license and/or appropriate certification.”

This is a reasonable compromise because a huge number of soon-to-be displaced college professors are non-education majors, and hence, non-holders of the appropriate teaching license from the Professional Regulations Commission. According to section 8 of Republic Act 10533 or the K-12 law, these newly-hired faculty members have to pass the LET within five years after their date of hiring if they wish to be considered for a permanent position.

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