Students in public elementary and high schools all over the country will have a two-week Christmas break beginning December 19, Saturday.

The school break will go on until January 3, with classes set to resume the following day, Monday. This is stipulated in the Department of Education (DepEd)’s official calendar for school year 2015 to 2016. Unlike the erroneously-called semester break during the last week of October, teachers will get to enjoy this lengthy school holiday.

ramon magsaysay high school manila
Public schools around the country will go on a Christmas break from December 19 to January 3 (Photo by Mark Madrona)

It must be pointed out that private schools may begin their respective Christmas breaks earlier or later than December 19. The education department had earlier emphasized at the beginning of the current academic term that such schools can deviate from the official calendar as long as they meet the minimum of 200 school days required throughout the term.

Just like last year, the education department is expected to implement a zero-collection policy as regards the holding of Christmas parties in public schools. In a statement posted on DepEd’s website, Secretary Armin Luistro said that the collection of fees should be purely voluntary, with the amount determined by Parents-Teachers Associations.

“The payment of such contributions shall not be made a requirement. Non-payment of voluntary school contributions shall not be made as a basis for non-admission, non-promotion, or non-issuance of clearance to a student—including the withholding of school cards,” he said.




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