#HeterosexualPrideDay – 13 examples of straight privilege in daily life

#HeterosexualPrideDay – 13 examples of straight privilege in daily life

June is known all over the world as the Pride Month for LGBT people or lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. For some reason, some quarters propagated the idea of having a “Heterosexual Pride Day” in recent years.

That’s laughable because straight people  do not experience a lot of difficuties that LGBT people go through in their daily life. In an ideal world, it should be “all men are created equal.” But the examples below will show that as far as LGBT people are concerned, that is still not the case:

1) You don’t need to explain anything for your family. Has anyone “come out” for being straight?!
2) You don’t feel awkward when relatives ask you personal questions like when you’re getting married or if you’re in a relationship.
3) You can be married to someone you love, regardless of his or her sex.
4) Even if you don’t get married, you two will still be entitled to legal protections and access to benefits as domestic partners.
5) More often than not, you can disclose openly who you are in a relationship with.

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(Photo credits: Efrain Villanueva of De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde)
6) When going out with your partner, you are not extra conscious about engaging in public displays of affection like holding hands because you might offend someone.
7) You are never told to deepen your voice or avoid excessive hand gestures during job interviews and the like.
8) Your religious leaders never says that your very identity is a sin.
9) You are sure that your sexual orientation did not play a role on whether you get a job or not or if you stay there or not.
10) You most likely didn’t get bullied as a child because you’re “mahinhin” or because you sound effeminate.
11) During JS proms, you can wear what you want and dance the night away with someone you love without raising eyebrows.
12) People don’t assume that all straights are doing fine because some straights are doing fine in their field. (Reverse example: “Bakit si Boy Abunda? Bakit si Ricky Reyes?”)
13) Love between straight people are glorified everywhere – in songs, television shows, novels, etc. Same-sex love? Not so much.Got more suggestions? Leave it in the comments!

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