Fourteen-year-old Reynaldo De Guzman’s lifeless body was found floating naked on a creek in Gapan, Nueva Ecija Wednesday afternoon (September 6). His face and head was tightly wrapped in packaging tape and black rag. He reportedly sustained thirty stab wounds. It is not clear how De Guzman was able to travel all the way to Nueva Ecija from their home in Cainta, Rizal.

While De Guzman’s gruesome murder merits a thorough investigation on its own, it cannot be separated from the dubious circumstances behind the death of 19-year-old Carl Angelo Arnaiz during an alleged shootout with the police last August 18.

De Guzman has been identified as the last person who was with Arnaiz before they went missing in the early hours of August 18. The two, who both live in Barangay San Andres, Cainta, Rizal, purportedly went out to buy snacks around that time.

reynaldo de guzman killing
Reynaldo de Guzman, 14, was found dead in Gapan, Nueva Ecija. he was stabbed 30 times. (Credits: RMN News)

According to a report filed before the Caloocan City Police, Arnaiz suddenly made it to Navotas City, where he hailed the taxi driven by Tomas Bagcal with the intention of robbing him. Arnaiz supposedly attempted to escape by engaging police officers in a firefight that led to his killing. Needless to say, this version of events requires a willing suspension of disbelief on the part of the public.

With De Guzman’s murder, the only person who could have shed light on the circumstances behind Arnaiz’ death is now gone. Our only hope of getting the truth behind their twin murders are solely dependent on having brave witnesses step forward. Very soon, we shall be referring to this as the Arnaiz-De Guzman double murder case.

PS: The King may not be personally responsible for their deaths, but he created the atmosphere where it has become perfectly acceptable for his henchmen to do anything in the name of their mission.

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