Ending weeks of speculation, the new look of Internet celebrity Marlou Arizala has been unveiled to the public through the latest episode of the television show “Rated K.”

Arizala, who is a former member of the dance group Hasht5, recently underwent a facial reconstructive surgery at the Icon Clinic. The said clinic was founded by Dr. Samuel Eric Yapjuangco, a fellow of the Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons or PAPRAS.

It can be recalled that Arizala is frequently the target of jokes by netizens because of what they perceive as his deficit in the looks department. His “transformation” set social media on fire late Sunday night, with some netizens expressing amusement as to how much he has changed.

Others, meanwhile, lamented that Arizala was only forced to undergo the procedure because of the insults he is getting from the public.

marlou to xander ford before and after
Marlou Arizala will now be known as Xander Ford following his facial reconstructive surgery



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One thought on “Mixed reactions from netizens as Marlou Arizala transforms into Xander Ford

  1. well we are in the land that looks really matters. good for.marlou destiny nya yan kaya swerte parin sya.. good luck sa career mo

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