British comedian John Oliver slams President Duterte over his treatment of women

British comedian John Oliver slams President Duterte over his treatment of women

British comedian John Oliver once more lambasted President Rodrigo Duterte on his satirical HBO show “Last Week Tonight,” this time over his questionable treatment of women. Oliver began his segment on the Philippine leader by discussing his recent lip kiss with a married Filipina during the latter’s recent state visit to South Korea.

“In fairness to Duterte, (saying that) ‘it was an act of endearment toward Filipino workers’ is certainly a more creative justification of that sort of behavior than ‘When you’re a star, they let you do it,'” Oliver said, referring to the infamous Access Hollywood audio recording when then-candidate Donald Trump can be heard bragging about assaulting women.

Oliver then pointed out that the woman Duterte kissed “repeatedly pulled away from him” and that the whole affair felt “so grotesque.” He further joked: “That felt so grotesque the MTV Awards retroactively nullified any best kiss winner with a press release that says ‘Given President Duterte’s recent actions, we can no longer condone kissing of any kind. Every kiss is now the worst kiss.’”

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British comedian John Oliver once more attacked President Rodrigo Duterte through his show “Last Week Tonight”

He also slammed presidential legal adviser Salvador Panelo for saying that the woman was ‘tickled pink’ when Duterte kissed her. “Sometimes, women just don’t want to kiss you!” Oliver joked, even showing a rather unflattering photo of himself when he was younger.

Oliver then went on to mention Duterte’s remark that people should not use condoms because “they don’t feel good” as well as his order to soldiers that they can shoot women rebels in their vaginas to make them ‘useless.’

It can be recalled that two years ago, Oliver in the same show called Duterte the “Trump of the East” and a “f****** a******” for saying that he regretted not being able to have sex with Australian missionary Jacqueline Hamill before she was killed during a hostage crisis in 1989.

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