READ HERE – Pay rules for December 30 2023 Rizal Day holiday

READ HERE – Pay rules for December 30 2023 Rizal Day holiday

The Philippines will be commemorating the 127th anniversary of national hero Dr. Jose Rizal’s martyrdom this December 30, Saturday. Rizal Day is a national holiday in the country as stipulated in President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.’s Proclamation 42, which he signed August of last year.

Rizal’s elevation as the country’s national hero has been the subject of intense debates for several decades now. In his controversial essay “Veneration without Understanding,” historian Renato Constantino argued that Rizal cannot be the country’s national hero since it has been the the practice elsewhere in the world that whoever leads the struggle for independence becomes “the principal hero of his people.”

Journalist Armando Malay wrote a rebuttal titled “Veneration with Understanding” to Constantino’s work, proclaiming: “A man becomes a hero, or a national hero, not because he leads a revolution – but because he is admired for his achievements and noble qualities, and considered a model or ideal.” Read more on that in this link.

According to the 2023_edition of Department and Labor and Employment’s (DOLE)_Handbook_on_Workers_Statutory_Monetary_Benefits, those who report for work during regular holidays like Rizal Day are entitled to get at least twice or 200% of their daily wage. This is commonly referred to as “double pay.”

Meanwhile, employees who opt not to report for work on Rizal Day are entitled to receive their regular daily wage as long as they are present or is on leave of absence with pay on the work day
immediately preceding the holiday which is most likely to be December 29.


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