YAYADUB Vs PASTILLAS GIRL | The media’s influence and the Filipinos’ narrow-mindedness

YAYADUB Vs PASTILLAS GIRL | The media’s influence and the Filipinos’ narrow-mindedness

It has already been two months since the #AlDub love team caught the heart of millions of Filipino viewers from watching the new segment called Kalyeserye of the longest-running noon-time variety show in the Philippines Eat Bulaga. The AlDub Love team is starred by Alden Richards and Nicomaine Dei Capili Mendoza, popularly known as Maine Mendoza or Yaya Dub.

Because of this, Eat Bulaga’s TV rating skyrocketed to all time high for 2015 making its rival noon-time show It’s Showtime from ABS-CBN crippled and even desperate to get a double-digit TV rating since the AlDub wave has started.

On It’s Showtime’s Desperate Move

Out of nowhere during AdVice Ganda’s segment of It’s Showtime, a girl named Angelica Yap, who made the viral video on how to make pastillas in a bitter way from the recipe she plagiarized  without crediting the original owner (this is another story) sought the advice of Vice Ganda after her boyfriend cheated on her and dumped her. The appearance of Angelica Yap also known as Ms. Pastillas seemed to be an opportunity for the rating-deprived show to fight back and regain its airtime dominance in the noontime by sensationalizing her unfortunate experience and people’s sympathy.

It’s Showtime has decided to create a segment in search for Mr. Pastillas on Twitter and inviting the guys who have shown interest to Ms. Pastillas to the show to meet her. Somehow, this made the rating of the show to move to double-digits, but still a long way to go to beat the Kalyeserye from GMA.

pastillas girl showtime
ABS-CBN’s Showtime is trying to use ‘Pastillas Girl’ to boost its ratings, but to no avail so far

However, this new move of It’s Showtime made me worry on the message they are trying to convey to the audience, especially to the young viewers of the show. While their motive is to help Ms. Pastillas find her partner on Twitter, some people might think that meeting strangers online for the sake of finding true love is okay and should be tolerated.

But in the perspective of a parent, one would never allow his/her daughter to personally meet random strangers. This is not advisable and shouldn’t be tolerated. I am sure there are good parents who would agree with me. I think I understand why most people branded this segment as bugaw-serye.

On the other hand, the show’s desperation is understandable because they’ve been losing audience and sponsors since the unexpected rise of AlDub love team. The copycat issue being thrown to them is irrelevant since copying segments and ideas from one show or network to the other has been prevalent.

On Eat Bulaga’s stone-throwing

First of all, congratulations to Eat Bulaga for their unbeatable ratings and the success of their Kalyeserye. This is indeed a proof that there are still comedians who don’t need to humiliate a few people to make the majority laugh.

They’ve been in the limelight for more than 30 years now and they are a hard-to-beat show in their timeslot if not impossible.  Stone-throwing and condemning It’s Showtime for desperately trying to get back on its feet is not commendable. This is in lieu to Joey De Leon’s cryptic post on Twitter about copying. Nevertheless, Joey De Leon is still entitled to his own thoughts and opinions.

Shouldn’t we be glad that each show is being more competitive at the expense of copying just to make their viewers happy? At the end of the day, each show’s purpose is to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

AlDub phenomenon analysis
The popularity of #AlDub shows that Filipinos can easily get distracted from their true problems in life through inane entertainment

On #Aldub and #MsPastillas Fans

Prior to the Twitter-serye and kalyeserye, fans from both sides have started a war on twitter and facebook and argued on who is better than the other. Honestly, I don’t know why people have to make a big deal out of this. People these days argue on things that don’t matter at all and has no sense. I don’t understand what would one benefit for fighting over useless things against strangers online.

This is a clear example of Filipinos’ narrow-mindedness. It is sad to say that even educated and professional people are joining the slur-throwing about this irrelevant issue.

If one is offended by reading this post, he has my apologies. But one needs to realize that he is being a slave of the media and subconsciously being mind-controlled.

There are still more pressing issues that deserve our attention. Why couldn’t we talk about the issues on economics and politics? Especially now that the 2016 national election is fast approaching, things like these are worth arguing to discuss the imminent future our country will be facing for the next six years. How about making a debate on who is better to serve the country as president of the republic? Having been able to see things like these on Facebook makes me feel happy because at the very least, there are still people who discuss things intelligently on things that matter the most.


We will be seeing more of these nonsense becoming mainstream in the future. The question is, will you be joining the ride and tag along with these low-class individuals? Remember that it is okay to watch these types of shows on TV and let your heart flutter whenever you see these love teams indulging themselves in the illusion of “scripted” true love but whatever you post or tweet online is a clear reflection of your personality, intellect and background.



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7 thoughts on “YAYADUB Vs PASTILLAS GIRL | The media’s influence and the Filipinos’ narrow-mindedness

  1. The last part of this article was one-sided for me. It talked about the writer’s interest regarding this matter. I know that people should not indulge most of their time in this form of entertainment and rather talk about other things but there is so much more to talk about other than politics if not about Kalyeserye of such and your interests are not everyone’s interest so you should not have said that they should be talking about politics and such. There are people interested in that and all but again, don’t make everyone obligated to having interest on your interests just cause you think what they discuss is plain stupid. You ask why couldn’t we talk more about politics and economics yet you know the very simple answer; The lack of interest. This media platform caters mostly to lower-class individuals hence the “KALYEserye” name and the setting of the scene itself so would you expect people in the streets to talk more about politics? I think not. You really can’t compare talking about celebrities and politicians. Ask any guy from the street if they would rather meet Grace Poe or Anne Curtis. I bet you 9 out 10 guys if not 10 out of 10 would pick you-know-who. 😉

    1. Politics isn’t just my interest. What I am trying to say is that THERE ARE MORE PRESSING ISSUES THAT DESERVE OUR ATTENTION and WORTHY OF OUR ARGUMENTS THAN FIGHTING OVER USELESS THINGS online towards strangers. I merely suggested politics, one of the few things that I believe worthy to debate about. I did say that watching these kinds of shows is OKAY but we should be mindful of what we post online. Yes, you might argue that that is your wall; you are entitled to your opinions; and you are just exercising your freedom of speech. However, once people saw the piece of crap you posted online, though they may remain silent about it, they will surely change the way they think about you.

      Might I remind you that I am not against these shows. People should just chill and enjoy these shows and stop waging war that should have never been there in the first place. 🙂

    2. One more thing, you can compare celebrities and politicians since both appear on TVs, both appeal on the masses, and both KNOW HOW TO ACT MOST ESPECIALLY WHEN THE CAMERAS ARE ON. 🙂

  2. Mr. Edrian, great post! can we use it 4 our school publcation, f n case d staffer assigned n 2 ds topic fails 2 submit hers? Don’t worry, we’ll definitely acknowledge u n TFS as our source. Thanks a lot n advance.

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