4th Impact| How to Vote for Them in the XFACTOR UK APP

4th Impact| How to Vote for Them in the XFACTOR UK APP

Everyone knows that aside from phone votes, fans of XFACTOR UK can also vote for their favorite contestants using the XFACTOR UK App that can be downloaded  from Play Store and App Store. However, due to location restriction of the App, only people residing in UK are allowed to download the App and vote for their favorites.


I have been researching through the internet on how people outside UK can vote for their favorite contestants. Unfortunately, my attempt has resulted to a series of disappointment. Then suddenly, a weird idea just popped out of my head. What if we can change the location of our phone’s internet server? What I mean is,  hide our original IP address behind UK’s IP address. Is that possible? Fortunately, it is! Follow the instruction bellow so everyone can download the XFACTOR UK APP wherever you are in the world.


I will just have to keep it simple and concise so you guys have to follow the instructions carefully.

(Note: I only tried this on Android, so I am not really sure if this method also works on iOS. Also, this method might not work on tablets, but it won’t hurt if you try.)


  1. Download Blackmarket App in your browser (Chrome) and install it. Make sure to check the “unknown sources” on the setting so u can install it without hassle. Blackmarket App is an App like Play Store where you can download for free some of the Paid Apps in Play Store.


  1. Open the Blackmarket App and search Kepard VPN (or any VPN app) and install it.
Screenshot 1: Kepard VPN from the Blackmarket
Screenshot 1: Kepard VPN from the Blackmarket


  1. Open the Kepard VPN and register. Then tick big circle button on the center to turn it on.




  1. Kepard VPN is already pre-setup to UK IP address, but if you if yours shows a different country, change it to UK. Look at the photos bellow. Follow the set-up I did and reboot (restart) your device.
Screenshot 3:
Screenshot 3:
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 4


  1. Afterwards, open your Play Store and Search for XFACTOR UK APP. Download it and install. If the app didn’t appear, open the Kepard VPN again and change your server.


Screenshot 5: Choose whatever server you want until the XFACTOR UK APP becomes available in your playstore.


6. Register in the app through Facebook, then vote for your favorite contestants.

Screenshot 6
Screenshot 6


If your Kepard VPN expires, you can try using another VPN app to vote for another week. Make sure the VPN app is open and connected when voting.

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  1. Please read this. https://t.co/UGo5HVc2oi

    “‘The Promoter and the Programme producers reserve the right to discount votes if they have reasonable grounds to suspect they have been made from outside the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Republic of Ireland, from unofficial third party voting services or otherwise in breach of any applicable terms and conditions.'”

  2. Please delete this. This is not only disrespectful to the British public, it also places our girls in danger. And if you are also Filipino stop embarrassing the rest of us by posting this. The British public will decide, a lot of them loves 4th impact, do not put the girls and their hard work in jeopardy because of this carelessness. Please, please, please jjust delete this nonsense.

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