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MOVIE REVIEW| Attack on Titans Live Action Movie and its Failure to meet the beauty of its Original Anime Series version (Warning! Spoiler Alert!)

The world of otakus and anime lovers was shaken last year when an advertisement of a Japanese brand car Subaru was released online and on television. The advertisement features a white car being chased by a naked giant on the mountain-side. This followed a series questions and confusions among anime lovers if there will be a live-action movie adaptation of the famous manga and anime series. All questions were answered when the first trailer was released and shared on different websites . When I watched the trailer as an anime lover myself, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Of course, who wouldn’t? It’s one of the best anime series out there!


No doubt, it is one of the most awaited Asian Movies this year since the anime itself was a success!!!

Plot (Anime vs Movie)

Judging from the movie itself, the main plot of the story was focused on the breached of the outer wall of Monzen by a colossal titan which followed by an abrupt attack of regular titans that wiped out almost all of its inhabitants and the discovery of Eren’s Titan power at the end of the movie.

A group of human-eating titan that entered the breached wall

A group of human-eating titan that entered the breached wall

As an avid fan of the original anime series, I have already expected that the screenplay will focus on these parts because they will lead to a series of events in the story. However, the way the plot was presented to the viewers was vague and confusing. Probably because I was still attached to the original story that’s why I kept on expecting for scenes which unfortunately have never appeared.

From the original series, Eren’s hatred towards the titans was triggered by the death of his mother who was eaten by a titan in front of him. In the movie, the trigger was Eren’s assumption that Mikasa was killed by a titan during the breach of the wall. The scene was somehow vague and lacking of appeal. For those who haven’t seen the anime series yet, this might be okay but for us who have seen the original anime, this is a an epic fail because Mikasa was originally overly protective and devoted to Eren but the movie conveyed otherwise.

The last part of the movie, where Eren was eaten by a titan and then transformed into fighting titan, was full of emotions and actions and this deserves a thumbs-up. The movie also gave a preview for the part two of the movie which is understandable for its marketability.



The first part of the movie up to scene before the colossal titan appeared reminded me of the hunger games in the dirty district twelve and electrified fences of the district.

On the other hand, I was wondering how the 3D Maneuvers will look like and how will the users move in the movie. Unfortunately, this was one of the things that the movie failed miserably to execute. The visual effects of the 3D maneuvers were not convincing.

The movie gave justice to the original series because of the blood-splattering scenes since the anime itself had a bloody and morbid theme.

The colossal titan’s appearance is nerve-wracking and is enough to play on the curiosity of the viewers. Even the otakus would be very happy to see the colossal titan.

Colossal Titan that breached the wall

Colossal Titan that breached the wall

The Colossal titan who breached the outer Wall

The Colossal titan who breached the outer Wall



If you are a Japanese movie goer, you would probably recognize that the movie itself was star-studded led by the multi-award winning actor and singer Haruma Miura, played the role of Eren Jaeger, who debuted as one of the members of Brash Brats, a J-pop group. Kiko Mizuhara, who is both an actress, singer and model  played the role of Mikasa. Kanata Hongo, who is famous for his role in another  famous movie adaptation of anime series Prince of Tennis as  Ryoma Echisen, played the role of Armin. The cast also included Satomi Ishihara as Hange, Takahiro Miura as Jean and Nanami Sakuraba as Sasha.


There are strong characters who were not present in the movie. So if you are expecting to see Captain Levi and Erwin, don’t expect too much. Probably you’ll see them in part two.


The Main casts of the Attack on Titans Live Action Movie

The Main casts of the Attack on Titans Live Action Movie


Despite of the major shortcomings, Attack on Titans Live Action is exciting, fun, dark, emotional – and well worth of the time and money of a typical movie go-er. If you are an avid fan of the series and have been familiar with the failure of movie adaptations of anime series like Deathnote and Tantei Gakuen Q, I still suggest for you to watch the movie so we can share an unfathomable depth of disappointments.


Attach on Titans Live Action Movie was shown in the Philippine Theaters on August 12, 2015

Attach on Titans Live Action Movie was shown in the Philippine Theaters on August 12, 2015



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