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JobsDB Philippines to shut down by June 30 2016 after merger with JobStreet

Popular employment website JobsDB Philippines will be shutting down its website ( for good beginning June 30, 2016.

In an email to its subscribers, JobsDB Philippines announced that its country website will cease permanently starting on that date and that it will no longer be accessible.

JobsDB Philippines shutting down

JobsDB Philippines will be closing permanently by June 30 2016

Job hunters can still use the during the next five weeks, although users are nevertheless encouraged to download or delete their online resumes before the website closes permanently.

The administrators of JobsDB then went on to ask their users to sign up and become a member of, which it acknowledged as the number 1 job site in the Philippines.

In November 2014, the Competition Commission of Singapore approved the proposed merger of rival employment websites JobsDB and JobStreet under the management of Seek Asia Investments, an Australian-based company for Singaporean $683 million.

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