1. Lolong

After swimming aimlessly in the waters of Agusan del Sur the past five decades, Lolong went on to be recognized as the world’s largest crocodile by the National Geographic and the Guiness Book of World Records this year. Heck, he even has his own Wikipedia page!

2. Christopher Lao

There’s nothing wrong with being pissed off when your expensive car gets trapped in a flood. Just make sure you don’t do it in front of national television. Christopher Lao learned this the hard way. His line “I should have been informed” has become one of the most memorable quotes of 2011. It even landed him his own commercial!

"Flooded, Stranded, Humiliated" - Christopher Lao and Jun Veneracion

3. Mideo Cruz

Want to have your art exhibit visited by former First Lady Imelda Marcos and commented upon by Malacanang and even Senators? Ask Mideo Cruz.

4. Marjohara Tucay

He heckled US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a forum here in Manila last November – making GMA News’ Howie Severino and The Varsitarian’s Rommel Marvin Rio shake their heads.

Campus journalist Marjohara Tucay heckles Hillary Clinton during a forum in Manila. (credits:

5. Generoso Mariano

Want to ruin your decades-long military service? Simple: During a public gathering, make a video of yourself asking the Commander-in-Chief to resign, and make sure the material is uploaded on Youtube. (He’s now lined up for court martial.)

6. Winnie Castelo

Our legislative district’s “working congressman” (his self-description) was ridiculed this year when he filed the much-lampooned Anti-Planking bill. Instead of discussing the bill’s merits, the public noticed his hairstyle.

Rep. Winnie Castelo (2nd District, Quezon City) gained much ridicule for his Anti-Planking bill

7. Bohol Rep. Rene Lopez Relampagos

The obscure solon from Bohol wants EDSA to be renamed as Corazon Aquino Avenue. Many asked: “Magkano pa ang kulang sa pork barrel niya?”

8. Len Lopez

One day, she and the President were an item. Soon, investigative magazine Newsbreak reported their split. “O kay bilis ng iyong pagdating, ang iyong pag-alis sadyang kay bilis rin.”

9. Ramona Bautista and Genalyn Magsaysay

The P100,000 monthly allowance. A sold Pajero. Inheritance issues. The escape to Turkey. A Cain-and-Abel murder story. Enough said.

Senator Revilla, inaantok na po kayo? 🙂

10. Eulogio Magsaysay

Gained notoriety when he called a Philippine Airlines flight attendant a “menopausal bitch

11. Three DPWH Personnel

Apparently unable to wait any longer to have photos of them while “in action,” three DPWH officials “photoshopped” themselves on the site of Pedring’s devastation in Manila Bay. Netizens had a field day inserting the three stooges’ images into other many other pictures. Even the Washington Post noticed this.

The "Photoshop scandal" involving these three DPWH officials reached the Washington Post

12. Cotabato Mayor Japal Guiani (Mindanao)

He had his 15 minutes of fame when he criticized the President’s response to the flashfloods in his constituency last June. Palace talking head Edwin Lacierda not happy.

13. Ferdinand Topacio

How far would you go to defend your client? Topacio may not be give his life for former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, but he is willing to have his balls cut to emphasize that Arroyo will return to the country if she is allowed to seek medical treatment abroad. (With Arroyo now under arrest, Topacio’s wager has been rendered moot and academic.)

14. Jeff Tamayo

This member of the Philippine Sports Commission showed his utter contempt and disrespect to the internationally-recognized Philippine Dragon Boat Team by describing its members as “ampaw” and “overaged.” Lolong will probably not want to eat Tamayo because he tastes BITTER.

Jeff Tamayo: "Pampam si Mr. Ampaw"

15. James Soriano

This Atenista guy wrote in his little-known Manila Bulletin column that Filipino (FYI, it’s the national language in the country where HE lives) is only used in speaking to “the people who washed our dishes.” Bet you won’t hear anything from this guy again next year.

16. Amanda Coling

The mature-looking (a euphemism) woman claimed to have been harassed by members of the Philippine Azkals. It earned her an exclusive interview with Showbiz Central.

17. Bishop Juan De Dios Pueblos

What gift do you want for your birthday? If you are an ally of then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, you can ask for a brand new Mitsubishi Montero. And I thought priests have made a vow of poverty.

President Arroyo and Butuan Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos (of the Diocese of Malacanang?)-photo from
President Arroyo and Butuan Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos (of the Diocese of Malacanang?)

18. Ronald Singson

Lovi Poe’s ex-boyfriend (and Ilocos Sur’s ex representative) resigned his Congress seat after he pleaded guilty in a Hong Kong court for carrying cocaine. The admission came weeks after his father Chavit Singson denied that his son is into drugs.

19. Dr. Honey Carandang

She called the attention of the DSWD and MTRCB upon seeing Willie Revillame goad 6-year-old Janjan to do a macho dance on national television. That made the child psychologist Revillame’s second worst enemy – next to Jobert Sucaldito.

Dr. Honey Carandang, a noted child psychologist, became Willie Revillame's number one tormentor in 2011

20. Rafael Santos

You might have heard of him when he boasted on the ABS-CBN News Channel that he likes working with theater actors and actresses simply because they can be fed with “Skyflakes three times a day and pay them in cat food.” Doubt if anyone will ever work with Santos again.

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