Pateros Day Holiday – March 29, 2012 pay rules

Great news for everyone working or studying in the home of balut! The municipality of Pateros will be marking its 112th foundation anniversary this March 29, 2012. Although neither President Benigno Aquino III nor Pateros Mayor Jaime “Joey” Medina have issued an official proclamation declaring the said day a holiday for this year, they are expected to do so within the next few days out of precedent.

Pateros Mayor Jaime "Joey" Medina, 2007-present

Last year, Mayor Medina signed Executive Order 2011-01 declaring March 29 a non-working holiday “for all public and private establishments located in the municipality” as part of the celebration of its 111th founding anniversary. Pateros was first declared a municipality through General Order No. 40. Act. No. 137 of the Philippine Commission. The Philippine Commission served as the country’s lawmaking body during the early years of American occupation.

According to rules set by the Department of Labor and Employment, employers are mandated to give employees who report for work during special non-working days such as this an additional 30% of their regular pay for their first eight hours of service provided.  The latter are entitled to get another 30% premium if they work beyond eight hours on the said day.

Meanwhile, employees who choose to avail of the holiday stand to get nothing “unless there is a favorable company policy, practice or collective bargaining agreement (CBA) granting payment of wages on special days even if unworked.” This usually depends on a worker’s employment status. For example, permanent/regular/tenured employees are typically paid on these days while those whose who are still labeled as casual/probationary workers are not.

*Will be posting an update here as soon as the President of Mayor Medina makes an official announcement. 🙂

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