April 5, 6, and 9, 2012 national holidays – pay rules

Filipinos will be having their second long weekend for 2012 next week, from April 5 to 9. Three national holidays fall during that five-day stretch. They are the following: Maundy Thursday – April 5, 2012, Good Friday – April 6, 2012, and Araw ng Kagitingan – April 9, 2012.

According to pay rules set by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), employees are entitled to receive 100% of their regular pay for the abovementioned dates even if they choose not to work. This is an excerpt from the DOLE website:

1) If it is an employee’s regular workday

If unworked – 100%

If worked

*1st 8 hours – 200%

*excess of 8 hours – plus 30% of hourly rate on said day

2) If it is an employee’s rest day

*If unworked – 100%

*If worked

1st 8 hours – plus 30% of 200%

excess of 8 hours – plus 30% of hourly rate on said day

The DOLE did not make any distinction between a contractual (casual, non-permanent) employee and a permanent (tenured, regular) one. This means that the same rule applies for all workers in the Philippines regardless of their employment status.

April 7, 2012 is a special non-working holiday (update)

President Aquino has announced through Proclamation 360 that Black Saturday that April 7, 2012 would be a special non-working day throughout the country. Signed last March 29, the President noted that Black Saturdays had been traditionally declared as such and that Filipunos “must be given the full and uninterrupted opportunity to ponder on the significance of the Holy Week and to properly observe its traditions with religious fervor, without prejudice to public interest.” Click here to read the entire text of Proclamation 360. Take note that Black Saturday is not included in the official list of holidays for 2012 released by the Office of the President in November 2011. Read the full text of Presidential Proclamation 295 here.

Let’s refer back to the DOLE rule cited above. During special non-working holidays, employees who will not work will not be paid “unless there is a favorable company policy, practice, or collective bargaining agreement (CBA) granting payment of wages.”

Meanwhile, employers are mandated to give their employees who report for work on this day an additional 30% to their regular pay for the first eight hours of service provided, plus another 30% premium if they work beyond eight hours.

PS: April 9, 2012 is the 70th anniversary of the Fall of Bataan during the World War II.

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